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Dec 25, 2005 04:08 PM

Near Palm Beach Shores

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I'll be staying at the Palm Beach Shores resort and was wondering if there was anything good to eat somewhat nearby. Any cuisine and price range will suffice. I like pretty much everything. Not sure if this helps but the address of the resort is 181 Ocean. Thanks.

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  1. If you want some of the best food in the area, drive north through Singer Island to US 1--go north--in Palm Beach Gardens on the west side of the road is China Taste Inn (in shopping center with Blockbuster Video), a few miles farther north is Chef Charley's Reef Grill in Juno Beach on the east side of US 1. If you go straight when you come to US 1 on PGA Blvd, there is PF Chang in the Gardens Mall, Cheesecake Factory in the new Downtown at the Gardens and farther west on PGA are Spoto's Oakwood Grille and Off the Vine.

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      Defifnitely Spoto's; excellent fish and seafood.

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        New to the site and perhaps this is too late but Max & Eddies is right in Palm Beach Shores- you definitely can walk to it. Good Italian & sea food. Personally I love the fresh grated parmesan and olive oil to go with your bread.

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          max and eddie's is not what it once was- my wife and I tried it a few years ago when we were first on singer island- and is was of an ok quality for what it was- now having just left from our vacation back to ohio- we stopped back by and things have changed quite a bit- the owner now is insulting and talked about my wife's dress while standing close to the table- don't know if he was high on coke or drunk- one of the two-and the quality of the food is way off from what we remembered from our past trips- the place has gotten more seedy and unsafe around there- and the sauce tasted as though it just came out of a can and was microwaved- also we got there after the flight had landed and arrived about 845 they were not happy and rushed to get us out of there as quickly as possible- it is ashame a place that was once a pleasure to go to has changed so drastically in a few years time- next time we will go to trevini in palm beach where we were suggested to try anyway