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Dec 21, 2005 10:49 PM

Best wings in Daytona

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Hey gang,

Just moved to Port Orange and we're looking for good buffalo wings. Our favorite so far is Booth's Bowery on Nova Road (plus we can't get over a place that serves wings AND escargot!) but we'd be happy to try another place. Just don't say Giuseppe's across the street -- had a terrible experience there. (Wings so-so, service horribly bad, calzone cold, lack of beer ridiculous.)

Willing to drive around Daytona and to the beach, not too willing to schlep west or too far north. Having good stuff other than wings on the menu is a plus, but not required. Charging extra for bleu cheese is sacrilege. (I'm talkin' to you, Hooters.)

Covert Ops

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  1. This will be a bit of a drive for you, but if you're hungry and in Ormond Beach --- Houligan's has great wings. Be sure to get the Wally wings. Houligan's is on Clyde Morris Blvd immediately south of Granada. Everything I've had there has been great!

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      Houlihan's has the best wings. We have traveled all over the country and these are the best by far!!

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        Is it Houligan's or Houlihan's? Because Houlihan's is a chain, based in New Jersey, that I'm very familiar with. They have great food, but we're trying to avoid chains. (There's also one on International in Orlando across from Pointe Orlando, if we're talking about the same place. . .)

        1. re: Covert Ops

          It is Houligan's not to be confused with the chain Houlihan's. I lived in the Daytona area and went only to Houligan's for wings. I agree with the person who recommended the Wally wings, I've never found wings like that anywhere else. Avoid Friday & Saturday nights though, the place is too busy and the food isn't as good.
          There is also a place in New Smyrna Beach on US1 in the same shopping plaza as the movie theater called McKenna's. Their wings are pretty good as well, the hot garlic ones especially.

    2. Usually, the wings at "The First Turn" are tops. It is located on US1, south of Port Orange. One of the best aspects of this joint is the fact that you can get food, good food, at 11:00 PM, and later.

      Keep us posted.