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Dec 13, 2005 04:46 PM

Need restaurant near Kravitz Center in West Palm Beach

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Greetings from Chicago. I am looking for a restaurant near the Kravitz Center in West Palm Beach for an after-show meal on a Saturday night. Upscale, but not stuffy. Inventive food. Not screaming loud. This is for my parents who love good food, good wine (particularly good wine), and fun new restaurants. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. Right next to the Kravis is City Place which is loaded with restaurants. Tsunami and the Columbia might be good choices for them. Tsunami is Pan Asian, the food is wonderful as are the drinks, and the setting is fun. The Columbia is an outpost of the one in Tampa. The food is good and the service terrific. There are a few other choices in City Place, such as Legal Seafood, Cheesecake Factory, and City Cellar to name a few; but those aren't nearly as special as the two I singled out. Here's the link for the Columbia's website and I listed Tsunami's below.


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      Tsunami looks perfect! Thank you.