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  • JmVikmanis Nov 7, 2005 09:32 AM
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I know I'm starting to sound like a shill for this place but based on the crowd last night, that's hardly necessary. They've probably got all the business they can handle. I just have to tell you that it's very, very good.

Went last night specifically to try their Sunday Sauce--a meat and pasta extravaganza that they serve only on Sunday from about 3 p.m. until it runs out. Pork roast, Italian sausages and meatballs in red sauce over penne. We got the family sized portion with two sausages, two large meatballs and plenty of the pork for about $40 or so (sorry I don't have actual amount) Since there were 4 of us we also tried a couple of other things--a make your own salad plate with arugula, radicchio, onion, endive, tomato and oil and balsamic, calamari, tuscan seafood soup, and skirt steak. Everything was quite tasty. The meatballs were the best of the meats in the Sunday Sauce but the whole thing is fun and very convivial in the gigantic family style serving. Calamari was second best I've ever had (best being from a place in MN) crispy with a nice, light breading. Seafood soup was amply filled with mussels, clams, shrimp and tender chunks of tuna. But the best was the skirt steak which had been marinated in balsamic and served with a mild chimmichurra sauce. Tender and more tasty than any beef I've had in a while. The wine list is extensive and good. We had a pinot grigio and a super tuscan. Almost everything they serve can be had in either an individual serving or a family size.

I've described the place previously but for anyone not interested in searching old posts for that information, it's indiustrial chic with concrete floor, movable square stainless steel tables that can be configured to suit any party, and chartreuse, orange and white molded plastic chairs. There's outside seating on a concrete slab facing Federal Hwy. It's on Federal just south of Oakland Park Blvd on the east side of the street. The only thing I hold against the place is its name. Kitchenetta just doesn't do justice to a place that's as culinarily this classy. My friend had driven by it thinking it was a kitchen supply store and I at first thought of it as a kind of upscale California Pizza Kitchen. It's a real restaurant with a nice (if noisy due to the hard surfaces) vibe and great food. The owners are definitely looking to franchise this so get there before that happens and the concept dilutes and the food turns mediocre as is so often the case when franchising occurs. For now, it's one swell place to eat.

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  1. where in Ft. Lauderdale is it? Thanks.

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      Randy K. Lay

      "It's on Federal just south of Oakland Park Blvd on the east side of the street."

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        Randy K. Lay

        "It's on Federal just south of Oakland Park Blvd on the east side of the street."

      3. Went to Kitchenetta and feel its overpriced. Dinner for two was around $100 with wine. Not to be annoying, but the pasta was something I could make at home. I even think the penne comes from a box. Their putanesca sauce was not chopped finely enough so I'd get huge hunks of olives and capers that would make me grimace. Also, I think the olives were canned.

        On the upside, the service was refreshingly professional and the winelist is excellent.