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Oct 31, 2005 09:26 AM

Cafe d' Antonio-celebration, FL.?

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We have a plan to go to cafe d' Antonio with a group of 14 (6 kids included). Does anyone know how the food is? If you don't think is good, could you please suggest another restaurant (italian or american), in the kissimmee/celebration area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Food is OK - with that large a group, though, it may be crowded as it's a small place. At the risk of being blasphemous - why not look into Joe's Crab Shack right up the street - kids love that place and it's fine for big groups. Not too classy tho :)

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      we wanted to do something on the low key side, since the kids will be entertained all day. Any Italian places that are better than cafe d'Anthony's? Is Pacino's any better?

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        Pacino's is more traditional Italian and it's good solid food. But you won't be wowed that's for sure. The area around Cafe d' Antonio is nice for an after dinner stroll with the group to get an ice cream, but it is a small restaurant and a group of 14 seems too big to me.

        Low key and the Hwy 192 area are not typically bedfellows.