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Oct 21, 2005 03:52 PM

Italian in Orlando Area

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Just wanted to post that we recently had dinner at Cicosta's on 426/Aloma close to Dean Rd. in Oviedo/Winter Park and our food was excellent. Their eclairs and canoli's were to die for too. And decent prices....we will definitely be back there.

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  1. Visited Circosta's yesterday, partially based on the above poster's suggestion. The room was nice, somewhat small. The servers were friendly. But now the food. My mother had the minestrone soup, which she said was very good, delicious in fact. Three of us had the house salads that came with the entrees. We all agreed that the salads were just plain cold. Guess they were pre-made and sitting in a refridgerator. We also ordered a serving of garlic bread w/ mozzarella. It wasn't bad, but just really had no taste at all. I took the cheese off of the bread and there wasn't any taste there either. A full loaf of bread was brought to the table with both butter and olive oil but I didn't have any. Main courses were lasagna, which came to the table with the sauce bubbling hot on the outside, but the inner noodles and cheese were luke-warm...not necessarily bad, but the contrasting temps didn't seem right (microwaved?). I had a pasta 'sampling' plate which wasn't too bad, although the eggplant rollatine was a bit tough and stringy. Also the kitchen had a very heavy hand with oregano, which bcame the predominant taste of the dish. Penne with chicken was judged to be bland and a dish of meat 'tortellini' was not what I would call tortellini. The pasta seemed more like tiny beggars purses, not typical rounded, filled pasta circles. The meal was definitely filling, it's just that 'filling' seemed to be the best description that anyone came up with. The desserts, not made on premises, looked very good but, again, we were all very full. The bill was around $85 but that was with only one drink and one meal which was just soup. Probably wouldn't go back again.

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      Drive a couple of miles up the road on 436 to Palma Maria's . . .


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        Steffano's on Red Bug/Tuscawilla is also great

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        I would have to say otherwise. I went the other day to Circosta's and it was excellent. The fried calamari, pasta faggoli, chicken francese, homeade cannolis, and cheesecake were all very excellent. The staff and scenry was warm and welcoming.

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          I was recently in Orlando and had a great meal and fantasic time at Christini's. Excellent food, drink, service -- everything. I would go back without question. Eric