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Hello and help! I am going for a week stay in Ft. Myers and want to experience fresh, local seafood and cuban food. Any recommendations? Or a Ft. Myers website that is comprehensive?

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  1. I've been flying in and out of Ft. Myers for a few months and so far have mostly compiled a list of places to avoid. I don't think I have seen any discussion of FMY eateries here in that time. Good luck, I'd be interested to hear about anything there as well.

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      Cru in the Bell Harbor shops is very good. It has sort of a South Beach feel to it. Very cool.

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        Thanks - I found Cru while surfing the web and it looked interesting. We'll be staying nearby and will definitely take a look at it. Do you know anything about Bistro 41?

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          Bistro 41 is well worth a visit. Also, about 20 minutes further south in Estero is a terrific place called Chops, which has excellent fusion type cuisine in a hip atmosphere.

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            I was not happy with Bistro 41 at all. We found the entrees to be overly salted and cold. When we told this to the waiter he seem to give us a bit of an atitude. They brought out the new dishes and without even an apology. It is not a place I would try again.

    2. I know you specifically asked for seafood and Cuban, but...we were in Ft Myers/Sanibel in May and ate some awesome food at both Blu Sushi and Cantina Laredo (gourmet Mexican). If you don't like either, just go to Blu Sushi for the bar scene and the cool decor.

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        A good cuban restaurant is Cachet, It is in the Edison Theater center. Prices are cheap, Food is excellent atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired

      2. I too have not enjoyed Bistro 41 and cannot suggest it. Cru is good but it has been hit or miss with us. Harolds on Bay is very good.

        1. Come to Naples and experience Fernandez de (or the) Bull on Airport Road South.....it's a religious experience! Best Cuban sandwich you ever tasted with real marinated shredded pork, none of this lunchmeat garbage! (and he has his own hot sauce that is yumyumyum-so-good.)

          1. Hi, I took my wife on her birthday to Cru last weekend and we're both not impressed with the food. I paid too much. Besides, it's a bit snotty. For casual dining but fine dining, try Courtney's. We love everything on the menu and the price is reasonable.

              1. at the back of Olive Garden.

                1. Naples is a more likely spot. Marco's Island Cuban Cafe (which is a pun, and nowhere near Marco Island) at 4110 Enterprise Ave off Airport-Pulling Road( 239-435-1961) is great. It's in a completely out-of-the-way warehouse building, next to a Latin butcher's. It's small, but the food was great and the people were pleasant. Their hours are listed as 6AM-4PM, call before hand because I think it depends more on the level of business and the whims of the staff. I went on a Saturday afternoon after car shopping and there were lots of families squeezed in there after 4.

                  1. I haven't had much luck with good dining options in the Ft. Myers area either. Do try Origami if you like sushi or Korean food. Very fresh and have had great meals everytime I go there. I also keep hearing about Cachet which I would like to try next. I'll let you know how it goes!

                    1. For seafood in Fort Myers itself, I really liked my meal at Bonefish Grill, though it had a no-reservations policy. My mom likes the Prawnbroker. She also enjoyed Cru last season.

                      I like Bistro 41. It has been around awhile now and sometimes sports an attitude or spottiness, but I've always enjoyed their appetizers and the meat loaf.

                      I've had fun and good meals at Roy's, between Ft. Myers and Naples, and while not exactly Cuban, The Real Macaw in Naples is tasty, unique, and hard-to-find the first time island-type food in a nice but funky atmosphere.

                      1. The Fort Myers newspaper, The News-Press, has a pretty good dining section. The food reviewer has pretty accurate taste, and you can trust his reviews. Take a look at www.news-press.com; scroll down the left side of the page to Entertainment, and click on Dining.

                        Roy's is everywhere and could easily be avoided. The food at certain Naples places previously mentioned -- Real Macaw, Cuban Cafe, Origami, Fernandez de Bull -- is decidedly mediocre and not worth the trip here to Naples.

                        If you're willing to travel down here to Naples, there are a few places worth the drive: The Tropical Reef (contemporary seafood), Bha Bha (Persian food), Escargot 41 (French), Sushi-Thai of Naples -- all in or near North Naples. Down on 5th Avenue South, check out Bella Maria Cafe for outstanding Chilean food, including ceviche, tapas, zarzuelas, and desserts. Other good choices on 5th Ave S. are Bistro 821, Chops, Yabba, and Pazzo. The latter three are owned by the same restaurant corporation, but the food is always innovative and fresh.

                        There isn't good Cuban food in Naples anymore since the World closed. However, there are some excellent Mexican restaurant choices in Bonita Springs. For superb cold seafood cocktails, hot seafood soup, shrimp with nopales, and the best guac you've ever had, go to El Paisano on W. Terry St., west of Old 41 in Old Bonita. For excellent meat-based dishes, like tacos, fajitas, and seriously good cabrito (braised goat), head to Los Primitos #2 on Old 41 in the Bernwood Plaza. There is reasonably good Indian food at India House in Fort Myers. In the north end of Bonita Springs you'll also find Big Hickory Fishing Nook, a great local spot for seafood.

                        Welcome to SW Florida and happy eating.