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Oct 6, 2005 07:17 PM

South Beach Business Dinner w/dance lessons?

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I'm planning a corporate event in Jan. '06 and I need to find a South Beach restaurant that can accommodate a group of 20, pref. a private room AND can offer salsa or merengue lessons afterwards.

I looked into Mango restaurant on Ocean: they can offer lessons, but they don't have a private room for our group size and I would think it would get too noisy sitting in the main area.

If no such restaurant exsists, is there a place we can go to after dinner that has informal dance lessons avail.

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  1. Try Talula Restaurant & Bar - 210 23rd Street, Miami Beach, 305.672.0778.. They have a garden out back.

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      Lario's on Ocean. Decent Cuban food. There's an upstairs dining room which may be available for rent.

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      Please keep the focus on the chow, any responses that only discuss dancing will be deleted.


      1. Try Tapas and Tintos on Espanola way

        Tapas & Tintos, is a friendly neighborhood joint where you can enjoy a nice selection of Spanish wines and tapas. If you're in a group, the tabla or platter of pate, cheese or cured meat is great for sharing. Simply put, this cool venue is ideal for chilling with friends, whether you want to nosh, drink, hear some live music or even learn to dance.

        Start your week mastering a new step at Mondays Tango Night with class and practice starting at 9PM. Tuesdays feature Latin Jazz followed by Wednesday nights open mic night. Other weekly happenings include Tropical Night Fridays and Flamenco Fiesta on Saturdays. Tapas & Tintos, offers an intimate setting for live concerts which pop up frequently

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            I checked out their website, the menu and prices look great. The restaurant looks very small. Would it be able to hold 15 people or is there a private room

        1. I've been to Tapas & Tintos on Espanola Way, Miami Beach on Tuesdays and they give salsa classes while patrons dine. They don't have a private room but they have a section in the back of the restaurant secluded from the rest of the dining room. The tapas are affordable too.

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            I would say Talula can host a 20 person party with continental cuisine on their patio and you can arrange to bring in a dance teaching party and do the whole thing in the garden - photos and contact info at

            Or if you want fun Latin cuisine, do OLA at the Sanctuary Hotel as their event planning is great as well and the night will hang together as a theme. The dance group is usually at a Lincoln Road restaurant called YUCA but their food is YUCK-A so take the lessons off site of just go there after dinner at OLA (it is a walk of some 4 streets to the west).
            OLA 1745 James Ave

            BTW - Mango's is really campy fun for a group but the place is WAY too loud if this is at all a business night. If you are heart set on Ocean Drive, do the dinner at Wish and dance on the roof at the Spire Lounge (8th and Ocean)

            Have fun!


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              Folks, I doubt Brandy is still dancing - this message is from 2005 and was only just recently bumped by the post from pongo a/k/a "Things You Should Know That Are Great About Tapas y Tintos and its Sister Restaurant Cafe Barcelona".

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                lmao- that said, you have to love the random business dinner with dance lessons request.