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Sep 27, 2005 07:36 PM

Farmer's Markets in Miami

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Visiting Miami from California. Locations and days of the better farmer's markets in the area would be much appreciated.

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  1. There are no farmers markets in the summer.

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    1. re: lax2mia

      There are no farmers markets period. And, by the way, this really isn't summer anymore either.

      1. re: adele

        I don't know Adele, 90 degrees by ten o'clock in the morning sure seems like summer to me!

        1. re: FrankT

          You're right, Frank, I was only kidding. Actually, I LOVE a good farmer's market and am always so envious in my travels when we visit the many wonderful ones around the world. Just a couple of weeks ago we went to the farmer's markets in Asheville and Boone, NC. While small, they were far better than anything we have here locally. Maybe some day..............

          1. re: adele

            I think it's the fault of the general population more than anything else. People here just tend to accept mediocrity and are perfectly happy buying plastic wrapped produce from Publix. In other words, I think the farmers markets don't exist because the demand is not there.

    2. Having lived in San Francisco and Santa Monica, and having been a regular at Farmer's Markets there, I can tell you the Farmer's Markets here won't wow you. However, we do have some, and the link below takes you to the list. Scroll down to Miami section, and you'll see Lincoln Road and Coconut Grove markets, note that some have months they are open, some are year round. There are contact phone numbers on the list so you can call and find out if what we have here is what you are looking for. Good luck!


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      1. re: Coyote

        The Lincoln Rd and Grove markets are basically people selling either organic or other produce which comes from wholesalers and which you could get at any Wild Oats or Whole Foods much cheaper. Even the brands are the same.
        If you're looking for something tropical regardless, try hitting a juice shop or ice cream place where you'll find more tropical choices than you would in Cali.

      2. Go to the Mexican Farmer's Market on US1 an 248th. This place is fun, tons of fresh fruits and veggies, not to mention fresh pressed juices, exotic items such as cactus, and a flea market on the weekend too. Don't be afraid to step into a whole new universe! Open on FRI, SAT,SUN only!

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        1. re: rima_gerhard

          Yes, the Mexican market down US1 (at SW 244 St.) is fantastic. Great prices (i.e. tomatoes $0.83/lb, mangoes 2 for $1, bell peppers $1 each). Plus its authentic, esp compared to Grove, Pinecrest Gardner's, Lincoln Road, etc.) Plus, great food: explore the flea market and you'll find various "mobile" restaurants serving Mexican, Central American fare. I think there's pony rides too.

          1. re: drew5720

            Plus no extra charge for all the pesticides you can eat. Seriously, it's much better in the growing season when a lot of the local stuff is available.

            1. re: taiga

              Probably the same pesticides you get at your local market. As for the growing season, we're growing sugar apples, mangos, etc. but do you even see those at your local beloved Publix? Not even.

          2. re: rima_gerhard

            I'm pretty sure the OP's visit might be over by now.. they asked this question 3 years ago... but, the name of the Flea Market at SW 244th is Bargain Town (it's on the west side of US 1).

            Bargain Town Flea Market
            24400 Packinghouse Rd, Homestead, FL