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Sep 13, 2005 09:37 AM

Raw Oysters in Tampa Bay area

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Looking for the finest, freshest, largest raw oyster bar in the Tampa Bay area. Its oyster season! Casual place would be best, but all recs would be appreciated.

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  1. Unfortunately, Sam, I do not think you will find any raw oysters in the Tampa Bay area. Between the Red Tide and Hurricane Katrina decimating the oyster beds, they are impossible to get. Perhaps you need to head to the Atlantic coast :(

    I miss conch! Can't get that either!


    1. Try Ahi Grill on Gandy, not the best but the only place were they actually serve them.

      Only one type of oysters, from the Gulf and they might not have them due to the Katrina damage. Call first

      1. I just had some amazing Raw Oysters at Rattlefish in South Tampa, Westshore Blvd and Tyson Street. They were big, mouthfulls and fresh.

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        1. re: Rick

          When exactly, RIck? Because we had oysters at my restaurant too, up until Friday when they ran out. No more...wah wah!

          1. re: joan

            Sunday afternoon...9/ 3pm...what is your restaurant?

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              That's so surprising. I am happy for you though! My place is Mid Peninsula Seafood in St. Pete...we were warned when the extent of the damage became clear, that supply could be nonexistent starting this week. Although our oysters are packed in Florida, they often are labeled as being from one of the three Katrina states, MISS/ALA/LA. I just checked with my hubby and he says the Apalachicola area should be taking up some of the slack, so hopefully my fears are misplaced?

        2. Sam, tell us where you ended up! Inquiring minds wanna know! Were you able to find the oysters of your dreams?

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          1. re: joan
            Tandoori Girl

            Joan, are you trolling for an I-told-u-so :^) With all that sludge churning down the Mississippi I don't think I'll venture into gulf bivalves for awhile. jeez, we get rid of red tide just in time for Katrina tide...

            1. re: Tandoori Girl

              I told-you-so is not really my style, TGirl!
              I really wanted to know...there was an article in the St. Pete Times this weekend describing the problem, but it said that oysters can still be gotten. We did happen to receive some in our place, but my hubby did not accept them - not good quality at all. I'm really wondering whether some others out there have been able to get their paws on some nice oysters.