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Sep 12, 2005 09:53 AM

afternoon tea service in Orlando?

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Took some guests to Afternoon Tea yesterday at the Ritz (which was wonderful) but it made me wonder where else in Orlando they offer an afternoon tea service? Any suggestions? Any place in Winter Park? Thanks.

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  1. Used to be one in Colege Park, but long gone.
    Mizner's at the Grand Floridian has a nice one.
    Also I think of the Windsor Rose in Mt. Dora. Kind of a long haul for tea, but then I've driven much farther for pulled pork or good Mexican.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      I wish I could remember the name, but last year I had
      a wonderful afternoon tea at the British shop in
      downtown Celebration.

      1. re: ryablor

        It is called Sherlock's and, while they do a tea service, it is primarily a retail store with bulk tea, tinned biscuits and such and Sherlock Holmes memorabilia.
        Not being an absolute tea fanatic -- the gloves just don't do me justice -- I've gotten mixed reviews on the place from others. In fact, I think I would call to be sure they are still open before I made a scone and crumpets run to Celebration.
        Web link below.



    2. Also, the Peabody Orlando Resort does a tea service in the lobby.
      And there's a new place, just opened, called Trisha's Teas on New Broad St. in Baldwin Park. (407) 896-3155.