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Sep 6, 2005 04:06 AM

green chili?,good chorizo

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i moved here from n.m.,is there anywhere to buy roasted green chili...even frozen(no canned thx),how about really spicy chorrizo,or a good place for b'frast burritos?,i've been to betos...its mediocre at best,thx for the help.

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    Tandoori Girl

    Here's an ebay supplier for green chilies -- but beware the cost of shipping is outtasight!


    As for chorizo, you should look in Mexican food stores -- the Mexican brands are hotter than the cuban/Spain brands.

    1. I've ordered chiles several times from www.hatch-chile.com and always been satisfied. The chiles arrive promptly and in excellent condition. The price includes shipping.

      1. Jason:

        Can't help with the green chili question, although the Hatch place looks like the perfect deal. I've attached a link to a place that sells mail order chorizo made by a Mexican family in Texas that might work for you -- although 24 ounces for $20 sounds steep.

        However, regarding the question of restaurants, it might help to mention where you are in Florida. I'm guessing the Orlando area because of your mention of Beto's, but you could spell it out and avoid the guesswork.

        Truthfully, there isn't much good Mexican food here because there isn't a huge Mexican population in Central Florida. Our Hispanic culture is primarily Puerto Rican, Dominican, Nicaraguan amd Cuban. What Mexicans there are are mostly clustered in the Apopka and Zellwood areas, which is where those restaurants are.


        Link: http://www.melissaguerra.com/product....

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          Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          I believe there is a Mexican grocery store in Kissimmee, on Orange Blossom Trail and Oak, right north of the gateway to downtown Kissimmee. It is behind a pawn shop with a green roof. When I drive by it tomorrow, I'll look for the name. I think there is another Mexican market on OBT north of Americana Boulevard in Orlando, which I've also driven by a few times. I'm not sure what they have in the way of chorizo, but good ethnic food markets are always worth a visit anyway.

          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            I suspect you will find more Puerto Rican style sausages than Mexican there, but it's worth a look.

            I found a Website aimed at welcoming new Central Florida residents that includes a list of all the major Hispanic markets. They are grouped by city and phone number, no address, but it might make the search easier.


            Link: http://www.ahoraorlando.com/english/n...

            1. re: Bob Mervine
              Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              I knew it! I knew it! I drove home via OBT just to look around, and I passed two decent-looking Mexican grocery stores. One is called El Torito, and the other one is a white building with some red and green (Mexican flag colors). Both of them are on OBT (that's Orange Blossom Trail) just south of Americana Boulevard in Orlando, near some car dealerships and strip clubs -- one is practically across the street from Thee Dollhouse. Take a drive down that way, and I'm sure one of those places will have the chorizo you seek!

              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                And Lou, what were YOU doing in that neighborhood?


                1. re: Bob Mervine
                  Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  I was going to two comic book stores, if you must know. Seriously. :) I work in the courthouse on OBT in Kissimmee and live in Casselberry, so I took the long way home, hit Bad Apple Comics across from the Florida Mall and Boston Lobster Feast, stopped at the World Market a little further up for some tasty impulse buys, and passed the Mexican grocery stores and strip clubs on my way to the Coliseum of Comics location a little further north on OBT before jumping on I-4.

                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                    That's OK, you can always get a pass on comix or other healthy, non-adult leisure time activities and compulsions.
                    And World Market is also quite acceptable for a chow hound to while away the hours.
                    But don't you EVER let me catch you in that nasty,foul, disgusting Boston Lobster Feast again, mister !! Do you know what those degenerates do to those poor, frozen crustaceans in there ???


                    1. re: Bob Mervine
                      Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                      I've only been to Boston Lobster Feast once, with my dad when he came to visit up here earlier this year. (I didn't go the other day, only drove past it.) But I thought it was a great bargain, and he really loved it. What's so nasty, foul, and disgusting about it?

                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        To keep their all-you-can-eat profit margins, they use the cheapest possible products.
                        Without going into any back-of-the-house details; it's just like sushi. You can have it good, cheap and fresh. Pick two.
                        They only took one. Cheap.
                        I have an acquaintance who worked for them in a non-culinary capacity who would tell me stories about how the food was handled, some of the methods used to sauce, dress, process, combine and otherwise make the maxiumum use of evey ingredient and how they would regularly mislabel and substitute products.
                        All of it legal and, to my knowledge, they have never had any Health Department issues.
                        To be clear, I'm not saying they are doing anything illegal, or improper.

                        But the only word I want to hear in the same sentence with seafood is "fresh." And it better be fresh.


                        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                          I think the smell of ammonium coming out of the cul's would qualify as nasty.

                          Went there once. Puked twice. Wouldn't serve it to a condemned person.

                  2. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou
                    Chef Jeremiah

                    MIA. 305 style green chile can be found @ Ruby's.
                    79th street East of US -1 just before the Causway.
                    A few N.M. style dishes, good fried chicken.

                    good eatin'

            2. l

              I see Jason, that most people have not picked up on the fact you are from the State of New Mexico and not Mexico. It is almost impossible to find food of New Mexico outside of that state. Attached website for chile sources, I use Sundance Chile plant that has a frozen whole chile and although it says, red, I have green in my freezer right now. I'm lucky that I have a friend from Chimayo who raises chile and keeps me in supply.


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              1. re: LikestoEatout

                Yes, every current and former New Mexican knows that "green chile" is the secret code word for identifying each other.

              2. If you are ever in Jacksonville, my husband has concession cart at the corner of Philips and Bowden called Santa Fe Sunrise. He sells breakfast burritos with authentic Bueno green chile. Hand held and smothered. Also has red chile. He also sells a layered breakfast enchilada with a fried egg on top. At lunch, he moves to hot dogs - but still offers then with red or green chile also. Once we reorganize a bit - we also have frito pie!!

                Stop by and tell him you heard about him on Chowhound!

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                1. re: MissNM

                  Is the cart still at this location? I just arrived here in December and I work rather close to that intersection.

                  I am from Santa Fe.