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Aug 20, 2005 03:52 PM

Alternative BBQ places - Tampa Bay

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I was wondering if there are any new places to get some BBQ around the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area.

I have had prety much everything mentioned on this forum, and was wondering if there is anything new around.

I have heard about one place on Main St. in Dunedin, but have yet to check it out, though it sounds interesting.

Either way, I will report back on that one.



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    Tandoori Girl

    The Rib Barn is back -- Saturdays ONLY. He's on Lois just north of I-275. I'm not sure of what hours he's open but he was there at 9:30 tonite. Look for the hand-painted sign to the right as you exit heading south. Everything is take out. Very good. Ribs, chicken, greens, sweet potato pie.

    1. I don't know if these few odd spots have been mentioned- maybe get some feedback from those who have been there. A take out bbq place opened in a closed Farm Store on 22 Ave South (St. Pete) around 51 Street about a year ago. Q is pretty good, hours can be erratic - best I can remember is around 1130 to early evening - Tuesday to Saturday. Ribs, pulled pork, beans, slaw, sweet potato pie. Another place opened about two miles west of them - in the "annex" of South Pasadena Shopping Center - that's just off the corner of 22 Avenue South and Pasadena Ave. Before I could try it, I was hearing it was not every good. So I never got the urge or energy to try it. Anyone have a report? Winesmoke

      1. The list of BBQ joints around the Tampa area seems to be getting shorter (as reported earlier by winesmoke).

        I am in Clearwater during the day and have only found a couple of places.

        1. Smokin' Rib Shack - 1359 S Fort Harrison Ave.
        I have only had the pulled pork sandwich, but it is very good. Tender, with a tangy sweet sauce. I always intend to get something else whenever I go back, but somehow I always end up with the pp sandwich.

        2. Miss Ellen's Kitchen - S. MLK (just north of Ward's Seafood Market).
        She dishes out pretty good ribs, but the sides are great. Mac and cheese, collard greens, corn bread, 'chitlin bread, black-eyed-peas, etc. She also has a pork sandwich, which I have yet to try.

        3. Although a chain, and not so "chowhoundish", I have to mention Smokey Bones. I really like their ribs (although they can have off moment), their brisket is tender smokey and spicy, which I like) and their pulled pork is def. worth eating.

        I will check into the place mentioned to be in the Dunedin area.

        Little T.

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          1. and 2. are closed. 3 is waaay overpriced. The Dunedin joint is called Eli's. It's a half block east of Alt, 19 on the north side of Skinner St, which continues west where Main splits off the the SW and goes past the hospital Open til 6 on Fri and Sat only. Take out and picnic tables. Topped only by Big John's Alabama in east Tampa.

          1. re: shurshot

            I thought #1 is now Rack Shack BBQ, or has that closed too?

        2. SOme of the Best BBQ has been at the following establishments in Tampa:

          Jimbo's on Kennedy Blvd at Lois Ave
          -generaous portion pork, beef and chicken, each table gets a heated bottle of BBQ sauce with meals, and there is a pickle bar to start you off.

          Kojak's on Gandy Blvd near Bayshore Blvd.(outdoor/indoor seating)
          no french fries or any fried food here...ribs are slow cooked each day and very meaty, these arent baby backs.

          Both have been around for ages, will be aorund for ages, non chains, and great homeade sauces.

          1. "I have heard about one place on Main St. in Dunedin, but have yet to check it out, though it sounds interesting."

            That's probably Big Ed's, on Main St just across from the back exit of the Holiday Inn Express' parking lot. Ed's is only open on Fridays & Saturdays from 11-6, and it's just a stand, not a restaurant. But the 'cue is amazing - probably the best pulled pork I've ever had.

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            1. re: keith

              I went to find this place today. It was described to me as being a little shack (stand) in an empty lot on the corner of Main St. and Alt 19. However, I could not find it.

              Being that it is only open Friday and Saturday would explain that.

              Since I had the taste for BBQ, I drive south to the "Smokin Rib shack" and had a beef sandwich. It was really good. Nice and tender and a little smokey.

              Little T.