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Oct 11, 2004 08:16 PM

fresh turkey

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I'm interested in buying a fresh turkey for this Thanksgiving and am looking for recommendations where (or where not to) order.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Thundering Hooves farm (a family farm in Walla Walla) is selling turkeys this year-- they have a standard and a heritage breed. They're not cheap but I've gotten some really great meat products from them in the past. They are at:

    1. Please, remember to put the city.

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        Whoops -- city is Seattle, thanks.

      2. I bought mine from Don & Joe's down at Pike Place last year - it was great. They offer fresh turkeys (the one I bought) and fresh organic turkeys.

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          Not only that, . . . .

          I was recounting to a couple I was sitting next to at Salumi about how I'd ordered a turkey from A&J Meats, and later determined that I wanted to roast it in butterflied form. When I phoned A&J to inquire about having it butterflied, the person I was talking to became apoplectic, insisting that it was impossible, and in fact *illegal*, for them to do such a thing.

          In stark contrast, when I called Don & Joe's, their response was "How soon do you want to pick it up?" Beyond that, when they found out I was making giblet stuffing, they threw in a pile of extra giblets gratis. Not to mention the fact that they were happy to receive payment via credit card.

          Smell ya' later, A&J!