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Aug 18, 2005 10:42 AM

Blue Parrot St. Pete Beach

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The newest place on St Pete Beach that is popular with the locals is The Blue Parrot. It is located on Leverock's end of Corey Ave. It opened about a month ago and we have eaten lunch there four times now. The variety and quality of their sandwiches are very good. I recently ordered the steak sandwich with portobello mushrooms. My wife ordered her usual chicken sandwich and a friend ordered the shrimp salad wrap. We were all pleased with our choices. We plan on making the restaurant a regular on our daily lunch excursions.

On a different note, The Bridgeview, a few doors down, has closed. Ferg, the recent owner has the property as well as the run-down cottages for sale. Probably will be turned into condos like the rest of the waterfront properties on the beaches.

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  1. Ken thanks for the heads up - we will give Blue Parrot a try. Sorry to hear that Ferg closed Bridgeview, although the food had gone downhill. I'm surprised he didn't develop the whole shebang into a waterfront restaurant - he's done well with the "other end" of the block, and this location would give hime boat traffic too. I guess it's the old "highe$st and be$t use" mantra...

    1. I live in Tampa, but spent last weekend at St. Pete Beach. I thought I would try someplace new so I took a cue from Rachel Ray, and while shopping, I asked a local merchant where she went for happy hour and good eats, she suggested the Blue Parrot, noting the $3 Margarita’s and the Cobb Salad Wrap were the best.

      We did a drive by to check the menu in the window, appetizers and entrees were tempting, so we threw caution to the wind and headed in the great unknown.

      Never again! A waitress named Dee, maybe it stands for demented, was condescending and sarcastic, was too busy waiting on the patio crowd. Our dinner took over an hour to be delivered to our table and that was an hour AFTER the appetizer. The place was very smokey.

      The chef needs to go back to school, his flavors don’t work. The grouper was caught a long time ago, if you get my drift. His idea of breaded and fried did not include crispy, it was soggy as if it stood on a steam table after it was fried. Maybe I should have ordered the Cobb Salad Wrap, after all that was what was recommended. But when I saw grouper on the menu, I was really looking forward to it.

      Had we enjoyed the meal that consisted of two drinks, one appetizer and two entrees, the $50 tab would be all fine and good, but $50 for a lousy meal, that hurts.

      I’ll bet my last dollar the management gets plenty of complaints. I don’t complain, I just don’t go back. I’ll stick with Woody’s Waterfront, it’s always busy, yet I always manage to find parking and a table. The wait staff is always hustling and bustling and yet they always get it right. The food is always served fresh, hot and mouth watering. My kind of place.

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        I agree food is sub par at best. Better for drinking not eating. Stay away