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Aug 13, 2005 05:08 PM

Ajiaco Columbian Soup, where to buy Guascas leaves??

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I recently tasted the best soup ever, Ajiaco! It's basically a chicken soup, had it in a Columbian Restaurant in Weston. Went online to try to find ingredients and found I need 20 Guascas leaves. Seems to be some type of plant grown in Columbia.
Anyone know a Columbian grocery store where I might find these leaves? I think it's the key to the delicious flavor!

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  1. Hi! This is an abundent weed in most of the US: quickweed or galinsoga. You can find it growing in many vegetable gardens, but people don't know what it is so they pull it up. Look online ofr pics so you can identify it. It's not hard to find. Some consider it invasive. It's tasty as a boiled green served with butter and vinegar too. Good luck! :-)

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      Reinaldo Motta

      I just saw your message about where to find guascas leaves. It is very difficult to find them but you can buy a precook Ajiaco package that is imported by Nutrilistos International Corporation, Phone number (203) 422 5322 or (203)249 6052. This package have everything inside included the guasca, I bought it at a Latino supermarket at the frozen foods section, you just need to follow the instructions.

      Good luck