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Jul 31, 2005 10:37 PM

Thumbs Down on Chima Chima In FLL

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A group of us went to Chima Chima for a dinner on Sunday night. We arrived around 6ish. Got a table, hardly anyone in there at that hour.

Salad bar was extensive, but we didn't come for the salad bar, we wanted the meat that everyone raved about.

The lamb chops were so overcooked, they were like shoe leather. At 6 in the evening????

They never brought around any fish, that we had heard was so fantastic.

The only meat I thought was cooked to perfection (MR) and tasted like a good quality meat was the NY Strip.

The rest of the meal was forgetable. I wouldn't go back. I can't recommend it.

I was very appalled that the lamb chops were practically better off on the bottoms of my shoes.

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  1. Sounds like something was definitely wrong that night. I've been to Chima half a dozen times and everytime have enjoyed absolutely delicious meat. Tender, juicy, rare to medium rare and piping hot. The salmon IS delicious, don't know why it wasn't offered. On occasion we have had to ask one of the servers to please send it our way the next time it's out because it goes quickly. The lamb chops I've eaten there were also cooked rare to medium rare and had wonderful flavor. We take out of town guest here alot because it's always a hit. Good food, good people watching. Maybe you should call the manager and explain what happened. It's possible they might offer you a voucher.

    1. hey shirley, we had the same experience. we ended up phoning the manager and telling him that the lamb was over cooked to the point of being inedible, and we never saw any seafood. We started our meal at 7:30, Saturday night. The place wasn't completely crowded, so there wasn't any excuse for the mediocre array of meats brought to our table.

      The manager has offered us a round of free drinks the next time we come. Not sure we want to return.

      I hope this isn't the start of a restaurant going downhill before it's prime.

      1. I have been to the Chima Steakhouse in Ft. Lauderdale at least 12 times. Each time was fabulous. I have also been to the Chima Steakhouses in Tysons Corner, (Virginia/D.C. area) and Atlanta. Both of those were great as well. Each type of meat was superb. I like mine rare to medium as well. You heard correct about the fish. It is also delicious. The gauchos are very professional. If you would have asked them to bring you a rarer cut of meat, I'm almost certain they would have brought you what you requested. I love all the Chima's. I bring my clients there to impress them. It always works. My family and friends love it too. Go and try it again. It's worth it.

        1. Hello, Shirley your first visit there sounded like my first visit the service was bad not many meat kinds brought to us it was a very bad experience. Since, I believe to give a second chance on such well recomended place I went back. The second visit was all great the meats were cooked to perfection I like Medium Rare as my wife like's it well done. Both of us had it the way we liked it, all we had to do is to request our servers the way we like and they did a good job on providing us with it. Also had the Salmon on the Olive Oil Sauce superbly done. I liked my second experience so much I went back at least another 6 times.

          1. give it another shot- all of our experiences have been terrific. classy, well-run, delicious and unique!