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Jul 24, 2005 12:33 AM

Anyone remember Pueblo Village?

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I was having nostalgic twinges for the great BBQ from this old tourist trap on Indian Rocks Beach. They had a nice deli and a real soda/malt shop (complete with a wall of loose candies in barrels!), and BBQ I still measure everything against.

Alas, it's gone now. I've heard since that the two brothers who owned the place were the only ones who had the recipe for their sauce ... even the cook who made it every day didn't know all the ingredients - evidently one of the brothers came to top off their "secrets". I'd love to think that isn't true, and that somebody out there somewhere has the recipe!

I was hoping anyone out there in Chowhound-land might remember the place. And I haven't given up hope of finding some way to duplicate those great childhood memories.

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    Tandoori Girl

    I remember it. But I never had the BBQ. Sniff, sniff.

    Thanks for jogging my memory.

      1. I love you

        1. Born and raised in Tampa, Indian Rocks was the family get away. I remember staying at the Rainbow Cottages and going to the Pueblo Village to get BBQ and that awesome sasparilla from the oak keg against the wall (self serve, big doin's back then), and yes a stick of horehound candy. Just walking in on those old pine floors was pretty cool. And don't forget the cool merchandise in the store, and the "indian" sitting just inside the front door. Probably a condo now, too bad.

          1. I grew up in NRB and my Dad thought they had the best deli ever and we went once a week to get sliced ham and a wedge of danish blue. I loved walking around and looking at the stuff and getting a small bag of root beer barrels. Great memories. Thanks Juli