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Jun 23, 2005 11:03 AM

Boca Raton?

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Any recommendatinos for Boca Raton?? Have been going there for years but haven't been in about 3 and wondered if there were any new additions that would be worth checking out.
Many thanks.

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    Michael Villar

    I've been to Boca once in a while (I live in Miramar). I've been to Mon Ami Brasserie and I can say that they are pretty good. Sometimes the wait staff seems to be aloof, but the food is very good.

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      Good news....Mon Ami is GONE!!!!! No great loss.

    2. Coppola's on Glades, just west of FL turnpike

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      1. There are lots of places to eat in Boca. Where there's money, there are operators willing to open good restaurants.

        Check out the New Times, a free weekly publication's, "Best of" Edition. Their restaurant reviewer is pretty good...Jean or Jan Kirkpatrick (?) Also, check out citysearch.com, and lots of posts on chowhound for Boca.

        One very over-rated Chinese place...One I would strongly tell you to forget is Uncle Thai's in Boca. Gary Woo's is far, far better and that is not great either..

        But, if you are looking for really good Chinese, drive down to Lauderhill on SR 7 (Hong Kong City or Silver Pond) or take a ride up to Boynton Beach and go to The China Dumpling.

        1. I was in Boca last summer. One place we went back to is Finnigan's Guppy. Not sure what the address is, but locals know it. Kind of a sports bar atmosphere, but a very interesting place great for kids, families, older couples, etc. The food was great and the prices were very appealing

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            Guppy is on Federal Highway (US 1) just south of Palmetto.

          2. reposting andy's nice reply to the correct link:

            For terrific AMERICAN food-
            J.Alexanders on Glades Rd across from FAU univ..
            They have Call Ahead- and the food is GREAT- the BEST burger and maytag blue cheese cole claw=plus terrific salads...and wonderful friendly service..
            The restaurant is beautiful and looks super fancy for the food that is being served,but it is casual and terrific!!

            ALSO for GOOD Vietnamese food, in Delary on Federal Hwy, go to Cay Da--( it is related to La Tre in Boca) and the food is great and waYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cheaper....

            For AWESOME Italian, try Sapporisomo on Palmetto Park Rd east of Federal...it is gourmet Italian- very unusual dishes- lots of game foods plus terrific pastas..Take a lot of people and order a lot of dishes and share all...Ecerything is homemade and it is a small restaurant....

            If you want to drive down to Lauderdale and eat on the Intracoastasl, the BEST place for seafood and most unusual is Blue Moon Fish Company....eat outside and watch the boats go by...Food is VERY expensive but comes out of the kitchen like a work of art...and TASTES even better..

            Up in Boca, on the Ocean, is JB's on The Beach- eat outside..under the umbrellas....salads , burger and sandwiches are good...has good bar scene at nite and entertainment on the weekend...it's about 2 1/2 years old....it's on Ocean Blvd ( A1A) heading S towards Hillsborough ....

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              Great ideas on here! Lived here for 35 years, seen them come and go. Quickly, JBs is a mystery to me, but some people like it. My take: WAY overpriced, WAY too much attitude, very average food. (Sorry if I offended some...). Chinese: Uncle Tai's is a marketing joke. The food is not just bad, its really bad, and the attitude and prices are another joke. Orient Palace, NE Boca. Period. Beach--Sorry, you really have to go to the Sea Watch in Ft. Lauderdale to get the real deal. Close by, but way more expensive and eclectic, is the Sunfish Grill on Atlantic in Pompano. Reservations a must. (These places are 15 minutes south of Boca.) Blue Moon--its OK, you will probably like it. La Tre cousin Cay Da is a great suggestion! Italian--gosh, how to choose? There's a place on Federal called Arturo's that has been there for many, many years that charges a ton of money ($17-for pasta; $30 for entree)--everything al a carte. I guess it must be good, but way over my budget. I really can't say one Italian place is better than the other as they are pretty much the same. For pizza, most of us go to Augy's on 2nd Ave. I know of one new Italian place that is very expensive but good; very ITALIAN, if you get my drift. I will post the name as soon as I eat there again. J Alexanders is a big chain with really good food at a slightly elevated price, but good none-the-less. Flannigan's (Guppy's or Big Daddy's) is a bar chain that serves food. Burgers, fish sandwiches (not bad if you 'catch' them on a good day) and so forth. Good, fun, and very reasonable. Good for watching the game. They are all over SOFLA with slightly different names. Like one poster said, plenty of $$ down here, so plenty of good places. Many locals don't really go out much during the season due to long wait times, but visitors don't mind it much. I don't when I visit other places.

              "Secret" local place for Sunday AM breakfast (or lunch if you partied to hard and got up late):
              Long drive, long wait, fun experience: John Gs on the ocean at Lake Worth. About the only place here I will wait in line for food.

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                hey richopp, I like your food observations. And, I get the J.B. mystery and I'll clue you in. It boils down to the theory that if you have beach-front views than your food can absolutely suck and the people won't notice. I'm glad that someone else noticed!!! I have been here for almost 2 yrs. now and have been dying to try John G's but can not seem to make it in time for breakfast. My substitute spot is the Boca breakfast and Lunch Club. I know the atmosphere is nowhere the same, but there's good eats here.

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                  J.B.'s is good for drinks and the scene. By the time the food arrives, you are too drunk to realize how bad it is. Stick with appetizers only.

                2. re: richopp

                  Really- the Sea Watch? It the same decor, people and food when I went there as a kid 30+ years ago. It was quite the disappointment from service to food. And the drinks didn't help you forget!

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                    was at the Sea Watch a couple months ago and we liked it.

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                      lawgical, Sorry you had a bad experience at the Sea Watch. They recently changed the menu, I am sorry to say, but they have been serving pretty much the same thing since 1974, so I guess change is due. I have not been since the change, so I can't really make new comments. Try it again; you might like it. Conch chowder with sherry on the side, conch fritters, the salad, the rolls, all great. I used to love the various fish dishes, so you might have been there on a bad night. Ask to sit on the porch if you can, and go upstairs and order from the raw bar and go outside and have a drink and some fresh seafood while staring at the water and the palm trees. You might like it after all...!