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Jun 17, 2005 11:02 PM

Are there any oriental markets in North Broward?

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I want to prepare a sushi feast for my brother for Father's Day but I can't find a store in the NW Broward area where I can buy fresh Masago, Japanese Mayonnaise and a few other items only found in asian markets. Can anyone help? I'm looking for any place in Boca, Deerfield, Pompano, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate or Tamarac. I don't have a lot of time to run around South Florida tomorrow to get everything I need so need someplace not too far.


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    s.m. koppelman

    Have you tried the Yellow Pages, and looked for Asian-named places under "Grocery"?

    Oriental Square on University just north of Royal Palm in Coral Springs is a pretty good Chinese-Vietnamese market. There are two or three smaller Vietnamese markets on 441 near Coconut Creek Parkway, a few more along 441 between McNab and Oakland Park (A Dong is the biggest of them, in the same plaza as Silver Pond et al), and for good measure a Korean market on Oakland Park Blvd. by University.

    There are very few Asian markets in North Broward east of 441. I think there's a Korean one on the north side of Sample a little west of Powerline.

    Sounds like you're looking for Japanese items, though. I suppose you'll find at least some of the things you're looking for at these places. The Korean markets might be the best bet short of a Japanese market. I can't think offhand of any actual Japanese markets in that part of the county. There is a small one a bit of a hike away from you in Ft. Lauderdale, in Gateway Plaza on Sunrise just east of the northboiund turnoff for US1.

    Maybe there's something in Boca. Beats me.

    Don't Whole Foods/Fresh Market/Wild Oats carry some of this stuff?

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      The oriental square on University in Coral Springs next to Dairy Queen has always had the "fixins" I've needed to make sushi (rice, rice vinegar, nori, etc); but I go elsewhere for my fish.