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Jun 13, 2005 02:23 PM

Matsuri, Best Sushi in South Florida?

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Went last week and was overwhelmed by the quality and freshness of the fish and how cheap the prices were.

The tuna has a consistency and texture I never seen in south florida, great sashimi, rolls. I thought Yoko's in tampa was the best but I was surprised in my own backyard.

We had a feast for 4 with beer and sake and paid 100$ including tip. I felt it was very reasonable. Service was OK, no frills/standard decor but when it came to food you could tell that there was someone behind the counter that knew his business.

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  1. So where in So FL is this? I did a google search and it appears it could either be a chain or a very popular name for sushi restaurants.

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      I believe the reference is to a location in a strip mall at Bird Road (SW 40th St) and Red Road ( SW 57 Ave) in Miami. Very popular and seems to fit the description. Lack of location seems a chronic problem on the Florida Board...certainly an oversight, but still a problem.

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        Double posting is also an oversight. Sorry

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        I believe the reference is to a location in a strip mall at Bird Road (SW 40th St) and Red Road ( SW 57 Ave) in Miami. Very popular and seems to fit the description. Lack of location seems a chronic problem on the Florida Board...certainly an oversight, but still a problem.

      3. here it goes,

        Matsuri Japanese Restaurant
        (305) 663-1615
        5759 Bird Rd
        Miami, FL 33155

        1. I make this new recommendation with trepidation. Only because I dont want it to get too busy :) A japanese market in North bay village (off 79th st, north miam), has a tiny sushi counter. Maybe 5-6 seats but serves some of the best sushi i've tasted down here. On par with Matsuri. Very simple menu of basic sushi items and rolls. Only one chef/owner. All his fish is extremely fresh, but he has a selection of fish and shell fish that you have to ask him to see what he has. I was sitting there one afternoon when an older japanese woman came in and sat next to me. She asked him something (in japanese) and next thing I knew, he brought out this lovely looking whole fish he called Aji (some type of mackerel). He prepared the fish on the spot into nigiri and sashimi. Unforturnately i was done dining so I could not partake. His sushi rice is one of the best. This is a place for true connoisseurs, tiny but some of the best sushi.

          Hard to find, take i-95 to 79th st (jfk causeway). After you cross the causeway and enter North Bay Village, take a right at Treasure Island rd. The Market is on the bottom floor of an office building on your right.

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          1. re: ltrinh

            I totally agree that the 79th Street Japanese Market (what my S.O. and I call it) has some of the best sushi around. No atmosphere, but great sushi. Matsuri is also one of my favorites and for sashimi there's Yakko-san in NMB.

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              The japanese market, do you know how late they open ? or is it just the regular store hours


              1. re: Mario

                Regular store hours, but the owner and his family is on vaction till July 5. They went back to Japan for a summer vacation.

            2. I am an avid sushi eater. From all the best sushi places I have been to (Sushi Samba, Bond street, etc) the best tasting and most creative has been from a place in South Beach called Tea For Two. It's a small cafe style restaurant that has an Italian menu and kick ass sushi. I also found out that it is kosher. That means that the products they use have to be cleaner and organic (or someting like that). But their sushi is numero uno.

              1. Another great sushi place is SHOJI SUSHI, it's in South Beach (pricey), but well worth the money. The fish is super fresh and for the adventurous they have some really cool out of the ordinary things to try.

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                  Afraid I have to disagree on this one. Shoji used to be great, definitely my favorite sushi place on the beach, but the original chef left some time ago and quality really went downhill dramatically.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Agree unless it has made a comeback. I stopped going

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      To be honest, I have not been there in quite some time, but I used to enjoy it quite a bit. They do have a citrus salmon roll that I loved.

                      1. re: westwood3

                        Used to be one of my favorites too. A real loss as there's not many good alternatives I know of on the Beach for sushi.

                        1. re: Frodnesor

                          This is why I follow your tastebuds Frodnesor. Mi fiance used to manage Shoji when Shingo Inoui was the chef. They were friends and we even thought of moving along with him to NYC to open up a place at one point. He trained in Japan and then with chef Nobu. He move to NYC to work as head chef at Haru but we have not spoken to him in a while. If we hear from him soon we'll let you know where he is at right now. We also stopped going to Shoji. It was a big loss for SoBe. There is nowhere in SoBe at the moment that where you can find quality sushi IMHO. I haven't tried Tea for Two. I know it's Kosher, a lot of my Jewish friends like it. Have you been there Frodnesor? We plan on trying Yakko soon. Can you give us the address?

                          1. re: yomyb

                            Let me tell you, Shoji took a downhill plunge the likes of Britney Spears. What a loss too.
                            Where is Tea for Two?
                            Yakko San address should show w/ link.
                            From US1 and 163rd St. you go west on 163rd just a block to West Dixie, then north past the Spanish Monastery on your right and it's in a little old strip mall on your left side.

                            Hiro's Yakko-San
                            3881 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

                            1. re: Frodnesor

                              Tea for Two
                              1205 17th St (between Alton Rd. and West Avenue)
                              Miami Beach, FL 33139
                              (305) 672-0565

                              1. re: Frodnesor

                                Funny, that's where I'm getting married, at the Monastery, and I never noticed it! Thanks!