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Jun 7, 2005 03:19 PM

Michelbobs ribs--Are they that good????

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Help....Heard about michelbob ribs in Naples-same owner as Hickory House in Aspen...Are they TRULY EXCEPTIONAL????? I want to bring them up North as a gift but only if their outrageously good. Is it worth the surprize and the effort????

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  1. It might depend on where "up north" is and if they have good ribs there.

    The Hickory House website mentions 43 major national barbecue awards and lists the cities.

    I only recognized one city that actually has a sanctioned bbq contest.

    Just a thought.


    1. We didn't think so. They are good, but not exceptional. They do a big business! We were at the one near the Mercedes dealer? I believe they have more than one..If not, I stand corrected.

      1. What a fraud!!!!! Anyone who's eaten at a REAL BBQ restuarant or just eaten GOOD COOKED BBQ would LAUGH at the allegeded AWARDS they claim. With all of those AWARDS, you'd figure they would have been shown on the Food Network. Trust me their food is VERY Mediocre at best. I live in Naples and have eaten their several times over the course of 8 years and each time I was unimpressed. Furthermore, I've had no problems with the staff and service, but the awards are CLEARLY UNWARRANTED its just NOT WORLD CLASS BBQ despite who's giving them their awards.

        1. No, they really aren't that good. They definately are not the best ribs in the world as they claim. Don't waste your money on a Michelbobs gift.

          1. The original comment has been removed