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May 19, 2005 10:21 PM

Mr. Bones BBQ - Holmes Beach

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After weeks of scouring the Chow Hound boards for places to eat in and around Anna Maria, I cannot believe that no one has mentioned Mr. Bones BBQ.

Absoulutely without a doubt, some of the best grub that you can find. Now, I must say, I did not have their BBQ, BUT their ribs and pulled pork looked excellent. They have EXCELLENT sauces.

For lunch, I had curried rice with pork. It is the same pork they use on their sandwiches. Served with a side of some kind of chutney (I think). 2 take home containers of that plus their sauces in my fridge.

My girlfriend had a sausage sandwich. It was homemade sausage in the form of a patty maybe 4 inches wide by 8 inches long. EXCELLENT. Best sausage I have ever had.

To top it off, they have this casket filled with all different types of microbrewed beers. My Fav. You just go up to it, pick out what you want and drink.

Check it out the next time you are in that area, you will not be disappointed. I gaurunntee!

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    1. re: Googler

      I guess I get an A- for my research then.

      But I least I narrowed it down a little bit and got the "Holmes Beach" Bradenton area there in the mix.

      1. re: Little T.

        I have to completely disagree about Mr. Bones. Although I'd be glad to go back and try it again, the meal that I had there was totally unremarkable. The coffin of beer, ok, I'll give them that. It's a good draw. The pulled pork sandwich, however, came drenched in sauce and served on some sort of hoagy roll with what I swear was garlic butter. My girlfriend had Mandarin-style ribs which she didn't really care for either. I guess I was expecting something more traditional.


        1. re: Nick

          Well, I will agree with the first posting, that Mr. Bones ist most fabulous, scrumpdidlyumptious!

          Their ribs are by far the best item on the menu.

          And if you expect something more traditional, well, gee, then order something more traditional (not mandarin style ribs - LOL).

          Mr. Bones definitely gets an A++ from our family.

    2. We agree. Mr Bones is fantastic. We go every time we are in the area without fail. I love the bbq salad dressing and the GK chicken over rice. Yum. We've never had a bad meal there.

      1. I LOVE their ribs. They are some of the best ribs that I have ever had at a restaurant. My husband and I have tried ribs from other places in the Bay area and none of them come close to being as good. We live in St. Pete, so we gladly make the trek down there every now and then.

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        1. re: parliament

          I was there recently, and it was definitely enjoyable. the ribs are great and the beach is beautiful