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Chicago style pizza in Broward or Dade?

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I'm looking for GOOD Chicago style pizza. Capone's in Hollywood was recommended as having Chicago style pizza, but quite frankly we though that was horrible... I'm looking for something along the lines of Gino's East or Giordanos.

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  1. If you find it, let me know. I've been searching too. The closest Chicago style pizza that I know of is in Orlando (3 hours away). There are several Giordanos there.

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      Yeah I know, there are 2 Giordanos close to Disney that I've been to, but those are the closest I've come across too. I sure wish they'd open one down here! Or someone would copy them!!!

    2. As a TRUE BORN & RAISED Chicagoan, a year & a half Florida resident, and a Chicago Pizza LOVER, God knows, I've been on the search myself! I've had Capone's in Hollywood, FL before and I agree, it's NOTHING close to a Chicago pizza. However, I've tried Giovanni's Pizza and they come real close to the Chicago style pizza taste. Just order the Chicago style stuffed pizza. It is located @ 7920 W Sample Rd., Margate FL; Phone: 954-752-7560... (http://www.coralspringsbocaraton.com/...
      Hope this helps!!! : )

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        I wasn't impressed with Giovanni's Chicago pizza. I was never a fan of Giordano's either. I grew up eating pizza from neighborhood places, where the cheese was plentiful and the sausage was REAL (not sliced). Everyone down here asks me about deep dish pizza but that's not the Chicago pizza I know. The crust isn't really thick but the cheese and sausage are. And a large pizza is always cut in small pieces, mostly squares. I've given up on pizza down here. Has anyone tried the Taste of Chicago sandwich stand in Margate (on 441)? I read they serve Chicago dogs and beef sandwiches but I haven't ventured over there yet.

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          Yes, I went to the Taste of Chicago. It's a hot dog stand. I had a combo, with peppers... It was ok, it was well worth the drive... The kids had hotdogs.

          I've only been in South Florida 3 months now and I too miss the food we had in Chicago.

          I miss the pizza too... where can you get a good Chicago Pizza?

          I just wish I knew how many of us are there in South Florida. I'm getting ready to plan and open a small place that would serve, beef, combo, dogs and pizza.

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            Taste of Chicago is great. I tried almost everything on the menu!

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              I grew up with Home Run Inn pizza. Not the same as it once was. When I am in Chicago I always get pizza at Fox's Pub at 94th and Cicero. To me, they make the BEST thin ever. For deep-dish it is only Due's at Wabash and Ontario. I visit each twice per year and cannot eat the pizza in Florida. It is too horrible for words thus I want to move back to the land of good food and be out of this dump.

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              Yes, I could not agree more about Chicago Pizza In Florida. I too, was used to neighborhood pizza joints in Chicago. Mostly I went to Home Run Inn on 31st Street or Chesdens on Archer Avenue. Both were great pizza. Today , if I still want Home Run Inn I either have someone who is coming down bring it or Home Run Inn will ship via Fed -X if I am desperate. By the way the taste of Chicago in Margate is great, it is as good as any in Chicago (even Portillo's or Carm's. Perhaps it is because the owner and operator owned and operated 2 Hot Dog places in Chicago for many years. If you have not tried it, I suggest you do so. Lets try to keep this guy in business. He reallly fills a need.

          2. I have been looking for 11 years now. I too heard of Capones and it was a joke. The owners should be run out of town or perhaps beaten for leading people that dont know any better, such as the 5 million New Yorkers down here who think NY style pizza is the best, that that is what Chicago style pizza taste like. I was thinking of opening a Chicago style pizza place - just so I could eat it down here! I am gonna try the place in Margate that someone was talking about in one of the postings and keep my fingers crossed.

            1. For Chicago-style pizza, deep-dish or thin, the ONLY place in Florida that is good is Joey' which has two locations. One is on Marco Island the other on Naples at corner of Airport Pulling Road and Pine Island Rd. The thin pizza always needs a little bit more sauce which they put on since I request it . The Italian sausage comes from Chicago so this is a good pizza. Not the best I ever had but very good. Much better than that New York garbage and they cut the pizza into squares as they are supposed to do. You can find Joey's menu and hours online. Some outdoor seating at both. The thin pizza is called Joey's Way.

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                theres a place on 441 just south of taft called villa rose, they make a barnabys style square cut thin cracker crust pizza thats as close to chicago as your gonna get in broward, for true chicago pizza go to pusateris in stuart its worth the hour ride

              2. WOW!!! Not being or claiming to be A CHITOWN PIE expert I am shocked to hear that Capones was "horrible". I have never ordered either of their deep dish options and always opt for their more familiar hand tossed version which I think is excellent. Their DD sure looks authentic and the peeps devouring it said it was the real deal? They have been serving it up for almost 50 years so they must being doing something right!

                I've only had the real thing once and I think it was at Giordano's...so sorry for steering you wrong. Until someone can prove me wrong though, I still beleive Capone's is the go to place for displaced Illinoying people to plant themselves when they crave a slice of CHICAGO.

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                  Capone's is the absolute worst! Someone should make them remove every item from their menu that has "Chicago Style" on it.

                  6 months after moving down here, I also had uncontrollable cravings and found this place. I ordered 2 "Chicago Style" dogs as an appetizer.....I got 2 Sabbretts on plain buns with mustard, thick chopped onion, dill pickle chips, and a tomato wedge!! UGHHHHH!!!! Just when i got over the disappointment of the dogs.......out came the pizza. It was horrrrrrrible! It was the only time Iv'e ever wished that I had gone to one of the far too many bland NY pizzerias down here. The only reason this place has been in business as long as it has is because it provides water front dinning and drinking. Al Capone is rolling in his grave right now!!

                  1. re: derkraut

                    1st off from what i read the owner is from chicago and its family owned and a lot of the workers are family from chicago. second i went there with a friend of mine who is from chicago and he said thats the best chicago style pizza in the hole state of florida. also i am born and raised in florida but i been to chicago and had chicago style to me its real chicago style that is just ok not good not bad.

                    1. re: bigj0110

                      Yeah, I read all that too......after getting the dogs I complained and the waitress brought out the "head cook" who told me that's how they're made in Chicago. My only response was BULLS**T!!! They are NOT from Chitown.......maybe Peoria, but nowhere close to Chicago....which is just how far their food is from being authentic. I don't care what anybody reads, this place is an absolute joke!

                  2. re: netmover

                    "Until someone can prove me wrong though, I still beleive Capone's is the go to place for displaced Illinoying people to plant themselves when they crave a slice of CHICAGO."

                    "Illinoying" ? From a former Wisconsin native that I once met, they call them "FIB's" (F*cking Illinois Bastards")

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                      Capone's is dog food. No, I would not take my dog there. The place should be shut down. Anyone who likes their food has not traveled much or lived in many cities. South Florida is New York and I do not care for their pizza. Jimmy Jax on Oakland Park Blvd. near Hiatus is new and makes a good thin crust Chicago pizza but not a good deep-dish. Other than that, it is Joey's on Marco Island or Chicago itself. South Florida, overall, has the worst cuisine ever and I have lived in 12 states so I have something to compare against.

                  3. I have been to Flicker Light and I thought it was decent. It doesn't taste Chicago-style but it's made Chicago-style. The taste for Chicago pizza has a lot to do with the dough more so than anything else - in contrast to other types of pizzas.

                    1. they do sell Pizzeria Uno frozen pizzas at Super Target. Pizzeria Uno is inferior to all other Chicago pizzerias but it sounds like it might be better than Flicker Light/Capones. Also, Giordano's sells and delivers frozen pies. My business used to order them from Chicago and have them delivered as a Christmas gift. it's not the same as getting a hot pie from the restaurant and considerably more expensive but it might be all we can do down south.

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                        www.bestfloridapizza.com i grew up in skokie for 23 years and here in florida now 24 years and by far ultimate chicago thin pizza, their family is in chicago as restaurant supplier for produce and sausage, 5 minutes off i-95 at the stuart exit, i also frequent 2 places that dont know they make chicago thin pizza but identical to neighboorhood thin square cut cracker crust pizza, villa rose on 441 near taft in hollywood now there 55 years and camilis in lake park florida palm beach off northlake blvd and 95, as far as my other chicago addictive food i leave that to barry at hot dog heaven on sunrise blvd in ft lauderdale guaranteed to cure any fix of beef and dogs the right way

                      2. publix 4966 lechalet in boynton sells homerun inn frozn pizzas

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                          The Costco on Military Trail (just north of Clint Moore Road) in Boca Raton also sells the Home Run Inn frozen pizzas in 2-Packs.

                          I'm from Chicago, and I can't stand New York pizza. I've had the Home Run Inn frozens and I'm not really wild about them, although the crust is as close to vaguely Chicago-y as I've been able to find down here. Whenever I buy them I decide I don't really like them, but every time I go to Costco I end up buying some and then when I eat them, remember again that I don't really like them.

                          I'm going to check out a Super Target and see how the Uno's fares.

                        2. 'Flickerlite' in Hollywood Bch if they're still around- haven't been there in years. Never been to Chicago either so my taste buds have nothing real to compare to, but I did enjoy it a few times.

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                            "Flickerlite" is "Capones, in Hollywood, already dismissed by the OP and numerous others. But, if you"haven't been there in years," maybe you haven't read their signs. And, yes, they're still around.

                          2. I just learned about Drs. Pizza Express in Southwest Dade yesterday from a coupon on justmealdeals.com - http://justmealdeals.com/biz/dr-pizza... . They serve authentic Chicago Deep Dish Stuffed Crust Pizza. I picked one up for dinner and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. They are are at 16300 S.W. 137 Ave., #114. Website is www.drpizzaexpress.com.

                            1. SO DISAPPOINTED.... When I called, I explained that I was from St. Louis and in my many many visits to Chicago I've had DEEP DISH PIZZA. I asked was this the real deal. When it arrived, I quickly noticed the style of the box. It looked like a regular pizza box, but it was heavier so I was optimistic. I opened the box and to my huge disappointment it was simply pizza with a THICK CRUST. I CALLED BACK AND EXPRESSED HOW DISAPPOINTED I WAS. I WON'T BE ORDERING EVER EVER EVER EVER

                              1. In a couple of years I plan on opening "South of Chicago Pizza and Italian Beef" in Florida, but I need some ideas from former Chicagoans that have moved to Florida to give me an idea of where I should open. I've been told Cocoa beach, Naples,... I'm going to research this and I promise you'll be so satisfied when we come down there! Right now, we're in the Indy area. I'm a Chicago native that moved to Indy and couldn't believe pizza can be this bad outside of Chicago, so I opened in Indy and every former Chicagoan is so thankful for opening. We are on the verge of franchising, but I'm going to be very careful in how I do it, because I can't allow any of my shops to serve sub-par Chicago style pizza- I'll be out of business in a minute! The best or nothing!!! Thanks

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                                  I certainly look forward to seeing something in this category in SoFla. Since there is no competition in this space, you could put it pretty much anywhere, but if the aim was to be closer to Chicago retirees, I'm not sure if there is a "center of gravity" (this board only covers the southern atlantic region of Florida, not Tampa and Naples).

                                  I'm flying up to Chicago for my deep dish fix in October!

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                                    I am from Chicago and grew up with Home Run Inn then in high school began going to Due's at Ontario and Wabash in Chicago. Excellent pizza and there are many more in the Chicago area. I lived in Indianapolis for a few years. I LOVE that city. The downtown is beautiful and full of great museums and fairly-good restaurants. But, the pizza is a zero. Don't even bother getting pizza in Indiana anywhere.
                                    I now live in South Florida which is not a good area for any reason. Low wages, boring climate, no Fortune 500 companies, bad food. I would never even think of opening a Chicago pizza place in this area. The area only has New Yorkers, Haitians, and Cubans. Chicago pizza will be lost on them. Do not open a Chicago pizza in Broward County. Chicagoans are on the Gulf side and there are already a few Chicago pizza places there. I would not open another. I would look at other states. Joey's on Marco Island makes a very good thin Chicago pizza and a decent deep dish Chicago pizza. They make good pizzas because they get ingredients from Illinois.

                                    1. re: Midwestluck123

                                      > "They make good pizzas because they get ingredients from Illinois."

                                      I'm curious which specific pizza ingredients are best when purchased from Illinois.

                                      I make pizza at home quite a bit, and if I'm missing out on a good source, well, inquiring minds want to know. TIA.