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May 2, 2005 07:13 PM

Italian Meat market in Central Fl?

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Are there any Italian provison stores in the Lake Mary, Orlando area? Looking for meats, Red Pack tomatoes ect.Am willing to travel. Thanks

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  1. I live in lake mary and have been waiting for one of the wonderful italian markets that I found back home in NY to open up around here...unfortunately, there's no one specific place I can recommend. There is an italian market on Lake Mary Blvd near the post office--it's small but they have a few good items. Petty's sells a lot of specialty items--not all specifically italian though--but they have a large selection and excellent quality foods & the butcher's will meet your specifications. Fresh Market is another place to check isn't whole foods in Winter Park. Unless you're new to the area, I'm sure you've heard about most of these. I'm interested to see what other replies you have on this topic. Good luck!

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      Thanks for your reply. I have been to the places that you have mentioned.Petty's is a pretty good place. Also there is a small italian store in Palm coast, it wasnt worth the drive. When i go and visit my friends in Palm beach county i will stock up as there are many good italian markets there.Hopefully there is one in Orlando that someone might tell us about.

    2. If you are ever up here near The Villages, check out Tuscano in the mulberry shopping plaza. CR 42. Meats, pastry,arancini,good pizza and eat in and take away. Real Italians own the place. We are always after the best sausage for peppers. Check it out .