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Apr 21, 2005 09:29 PM

Best pizza in Key West?

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I know seafood is the main dish in the keys, but we will be there a week and would like some other good things also. We have been dieting for a while and have missed having good pizza and plan to splurge while on vacation. Any suggestions while in Key West?

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  1. Pizza down there is not great but there is a new place called Upper Crust which is good. It is on Duval Street. I think they mainly do thin crust. If you like thicker crusts, take a drive to No Name Key and go to No Name Pub. Its about 30 miles from Key West.

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      Upper Crust Pizza only does thin crust but it is very good pizza and quickly becoming the locals favorite pizza place. Angelina's, next to the Tree Bar, is just o.k. pizza. Its a great place to grab a slice if you are doing the Duval Crawl and just want to get something in the stomach besides alcohol. Don't go our of your way to get it. No Name Pub is a very cool place but it is a ways from Key West. The pizza is very good and many locals get off the rock and will go there for some good pizza. Many feel it is worth the drive.

    2. There is a pizza joint right next to the "Tree Bar" located within "Ricks" on Duval. This way you can have your beer & pizza as well! We always havin a drink, pizza, relax & do some people watchin. The pizza isn't all that bad but it does taste good when your in Key West doing the above.

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        I think that place is the aforementioned Angelina's. I went there once while on a trip (and drinking a lot) and had it in my mind that the pizza was good. However, on dragging a friend down from Miami (we regularly went on pizza expeditions all over South Florida) I found the pizza wasn't nearly as good as I remember. Guess pizza isn't something Key West is really known for. . .

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          I agree. That pizza place next to Ricks is really good, (it's called Angelina's), especially after all the drinking. I always get at least one slice when I'm down there.

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            I'd have to 2nd Angelina's as a great place to grab a slice while out on the crawl. I'd also 2nd No Name Pub as a great place if on a road trip from Key Weird.
            As far as actually searching out good pizza in KW. The best I had was up at a place on Roosevelt Blvd. I believe it was Big John's Pizza in Key Plaza if I remember correctly. It was very good thin crust pizza (my favorite style by far) and at a extremely fair price for Key West. Unless I'm mistaken that is the name of the place.....if I remember differently I will repost, but I took the wife, four kids, and parents there for a very good pizza meal at a decent price. Actually, they even have a website:

            No Name Pub
            30831 Watson Blvd, Big Pine Key, FL 33043

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          Randy K. Lay

          If you have a car I like the Pizza a lot at Bobaloo's up around MM12. Decent little place with more than just pizza but the pizza is definitely worth the drive.

          1. Babalou's on Southard behind the Green Parrot has excellent New England style pizza!
            (Done well) Angelina's is good for a walk around slice with beer, yummy!

            Green Parrot Bar
            601 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040

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              With out a doubt, the BEST N.Y. style or New Haven CT Pizza in Key West is Babalou`s on Southard St next to the Green Parrot Bar. If you`ve ever eaten Pizza at Sally`s, Frank Pepe`s or The Modern Apizza on State St in New Haven, you`ll think your took a quick trip in a "Time Machine"!

              Green Parrot Bar
              601 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040