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Apr 5, 2005 01:51 PM

BAYSIDE MARKETPLACE (Downtown Miami) Last-Minute Recs (by 4/7 noon) - Please SAVE my Cruisemates!

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I'm leaving for Miami in a couple of days.
My cruisemates will be eating at the Bayside Marketplace, staying at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami.

I thought I could hold out from saying things to my crusemates -- I mean we're different and I'm sure they just want everything to be... Well, I'm really not sure what they want, but I'm not planning to step into Bayside Marketplace for any food. (I have a car and I'm heading elsewhre.)

IF I hear another unanswered Bubba Gump's recommendation on the "cruisecritic" message board without me answering back, I'll collapse in a puddle of shame! That board is wonderful for many things, but Chow is not one of them!

Please help me help them! Or at least provide recommendations so that I can give them the best chow-worthy options.

What are the most chow-worthy eateries at the Bayside Marketplace?

There are the Latin American Cafe and Los Ranchos.
Are these the best bets, do you have a preference, and/or are there other worthy venues there?

Any other options within walking distance?

Thanks and GOOD CHOWING!

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  1. Here's one suggestion I threw out to my cruisemates for this Saturday morning before they cruise:

    " Just an FYI there's a Farmers' Market downtown (walking distance from Bayside) every Saturday morning from 8am to 3pm.

    Might be just the trick if you're too hyped up before the cruise and staying downtown. An early morning walk might be just the ticket! Perhaps grab some fresh goodies there if you don't have breakfast plans elsewhere in the morning before you head for the pier. Some of the cruisers head this way in the morning anyway -- to hit Walgreens for last-minute supplies. See below for more info:
    Photos: "

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    1. re: rssfromsf

      While a big fan of farmer's markets, the one downtown isn't great. It's tiny and basically has produce you could buy at the store. I don't know if it's necessarily worth a walk.
      There are a few places by the river if your friends don't mind taking a taxi. There's Garcia's fish market which is a bare bones fish place. A little further away, and not on the river, is Tobacco Road which is an old bar with decent food. You go more for the music and nostalgia of the place (liquor license #1 in Miami). Both of these spots have much more character than Bayside and should be a cheap cab ride.

      1. re: lax2mia

        You stole my thunder! Those are the exact two spots I was going to recommend.

        Also, if you must stay in Bayside, Los Ranchos is probably your best bet. I haven't eaten at that particular one, but the others around the county are good.

      2. re: rssfromsf

        Thanks hounds!

        1. re: rssfromsf

          I'm staying downtown again in April. I'll be eating elsewhere, but my cruisemates who are staying at Holiday Inn, Courtyard Marriott, and Hyatt Regency need a closest place to have dinner together.

          Are there any new updates on dinner options near or Bayside? Besides Los Ranchos, and somewhat nearby, Garcia's and Tobacco Road?


          1. re: R from SF

            Welcome back! I figured I'd replied to your original post two years ago so why not this one also. If Tobacco Road is on your radar there's a great place a few doors down called River Oyster Bar. It's a little more upscale (actually a lot more upscale compared to Tobacco Road) but the atmosphere is friendly and casual. Great seafood, especially the appetizers. At Bayside, there's basically Los Ranchos as far as I recall. Although you say you're eating elsewhere, I'd give River a try.

            1. re: lax2mia

              Thanks lax2mia! And my cruisemates thank you! I will certainly give them the recommendation for the River Oyster Bar.

              Sounds like I would certainly enjoy eating there too; I looked up their site and menu! I need to pass on this great opportunity though, because we need to sample other cuisines on this visit.*


              *I'll post a new thread in a few days about this! Have a list of the Miami places I am considering, but I just need to format the post.

              1. re: R from SF

                los ranchos is THE only place worthy of chowhound status in bayside.

                if your willing to cross over the miami river into brickell your options multiply greatly! Rosinellas for Italian comes to mind. Capitol Grill or Mortons for steak. Offerdahls during the weekdays is a good place for simple eats (downtown). Granny Feelgoods does a nice job, also downtown. The River and Garcia's are both worthy of cab fare. Then there's always Bongos behind the AAA...home of the HEAT.

                1. re: netmover

                  Thanks netmover, for all your recommendations; I'll add your notes to my list for my cruisemates!

                  I wasn't think of Bongos, but I see that they're also suggested elsewhere. With you mentioning it, I will make sure to add it to the recommended choices. I assume it's still the nearby "good-but-pricey Cuban", "good if you want to party later" option.

                  1. re: R from SF

                    Bongos: I don't think it's very good. We go there for the dancing and mojitos but have never been impressed by the food.

                    1. re: diablita FL

                      Diablita FL, thank you for the opinion on Bongos. I've had my doubts about the food, so I was ready to warn my friends that they would be going there for the overall experience. None of them mentioned this as a place they were interested in for food, anyway.

                2. re: R from SF

                  In reference to
                  "*I'll post a new thread in a few days about this! Have a list of the Miami places I am considering, but I just need to format the post." ---

                  I posted the schedule & list of choices:

                  "3+ days in Miami - Mostly Latin American chowing -- Please critique my picks (Long)"