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Mar 30, 2005 06:05 AM

searching for best spanish chorizo

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I am making a paella for a friends wedding. the bride and family are colombian and make paella all the time, so I was told by the gromm privately that I must "bring it" with a look of desparation in his eyes! please help me find the best sources for the ingredients, primarily spanish chorizo, saffron, chicken, whatever. any tips would be helpful as well. thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you in Pensacola or Jacksonville?

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        If you're in North Palm Beach, they might have it at Carmine's Gourmet Grocery. Call them.

    1. Palacios brand is the only imported chorizo that I know of. As for saffron, I don't think there's a "gold standard" for it so any brand will probably do. Just make sure it's been sealed well (preferably in a plastic bag within a plastic container). You can find all of your needed ingredients at

      1. You can get everything you need from The most important element is the rice--get the good bomba rice. For saffron, make sure you get it in strands (not ground up).

        1. The newest issue of Cooks Illustrated features a two page Paella how-to...
          It, as always, offers a trial and error, then a final perfected recipe...
          Barnes and Noble if you aren't a subscriber...