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Mar 20, 2005 04:25 PM

Seebreez Tampa Deviled Crab Recipes

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Does anyone know the recipe that the Seebreez uses to make Deviled Carabs?

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    Tandoori Girl

    I thought there was a recipe book on the Seabreeze. Didn't Andy Huse do it? Or did the Richard's (they owned it). Have you tried the devil crab from Carmine's in Ybor? My fave.

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    1. re: Tandoori Girl

      the seabreeze cookbook is still available at the seabreeze seafood store (next to old restaurant). I helped with writing editing, and historic research. at first, they did not want to divulge every ingredient in their recipe, but i convinced them to share. I believe you can pick up copies at discount these days.

      1. re: andy huse
        Alina Vaughan

        I grew up in the Tampa area and always loved deviled crabs. Always made it point to stop by there on the way home. I have been living in Atlanta for 10 years now and dissapointed that the same delicious receipe can't be found any where.

        Please send me the recipe.

        I can remember as a little girl , My father would drive up and leave the headlights on and someone would come up and take our order. I belive that was called curb service. Those were the good old days!!

        1. re: Alina Vaughan

          I have been looking for the deviled crab recipe too. Has anyone located it? Just loved those crab cakes the Seabreeze made. Sure miss the restaurant. Please Please let me know. Jill

          1. re: taradolls

            It is in the cookbook as Andy states. Pick up the cookbook, you won't be dissatisfied with it.


            1. re: RibDog

              I would post the phone # to get one here, but that might not corform with the site';s policies. feel free to write me if you want the info..


              1. re: RibDog

                The book is now selling for $90 online. Just want the one recipe. I was hoping someone might share it with me. Jill

                1. re: taradolls

                  you can order it from robert or helen personally form there home its 15 buks, or order the devil crabs from his son already made .......look in the phone book same # for 30 years I am a family member

                2. re: RibDog

                  you will be satisified, especially at 15 buks,.....not 90 call them personally its in the phone book

              2. re: Alina Vaughan

                My dad would take us on our Sunday afternoon drive from Polk Co. to where I thought was Bradenton, to get Deviled Crab Rolls - they came in a paper bag and we would eat them on the way back home. I have never found anything like them since - this was in the early 60s. I vaguely remember it - seems like we drove up to a little dive, my dad would walk up to the window, order, etc. I seem to remember it was on the Gulf-side. I was really young and my parents have since passed, so I can't ask them. But, I can still taste them 50 years later. Any info as to where we were purchasing the crab rolls? And I've printed the recipe from above as I definitely want to make some.

                1. re: Love2laugh5160

                  That would have been the Seabreeze Restaurant. I googled the recipe and it came up. I make them all the time and they are as good as I remember with hot sauce of course

              3. re: andy huse

                Is this book still available? I need a replacement.

                1. re: Denmark

                  Contact Andy Huse at and he can hook you up with where you can get one.


                2. re: andy huse

                  everything is gone accept the memorys , dreams , the cookbook, or the devil crabs,......get some,....there as good as ever....

                  1. re: andy huse

                    where can you order it from. I live in Mississippi and would love to order the original recipe for deviled crabs like the Seebreez made. I so enjoyed them on my visits to Florida

                    1. re: RitaHendon

                      look online -- the building is now gone, so there's no place local that I'm aware of that sells it in person.

                      Make sure you spell it Seabreeze

                  2. re: Tandoori Girl

                    carmines????????????????????????????//are you comparison,.......your just too lazy to get the good stuff,......research them yourself and get the real thing, the book,......or the original devel crabs,....there still makin them

                  3. My husband grew up in Tampa, and all I heard for years was about deviled crabs from Ybor city. His mother gave us an old cookbook, The Gasparilla, and it has a recipe for the Original Ybor City Deviled Crab. I had never eaten a deviled crab much less seen one, and was afraid to even attempt making them. My husband insisted, and when they were done he said they tasted better than he remembered. The recipe is as follows.

                    Croquette dough:

                    3 loaves stale sandwich bread
                    1 level tablespoon paprika
                    1 teaspoon salt
                    1 loaf stale cuban bread (grind
                    very fine and sift)

                    Remove crust from 3 loaves of bread and discard crust. Soak remainder of bread in water 15 minutes. Drain water and squeeze until almost dry. Add the sifted cuban bread gradually until you have dough. Add paprika and salt. Mix thoroughly. Form dough into ball and put in fridge for approx. 2 hours.

                    Tips: I lay bread on baking sheets and stick in the oven for a day to make it stale. Also the first time I made this recipe, I soaked the bread in the water for 15 minutes and it turned into complete mush that could not be rung out. So, the next time I took 4 or 5 slices of bread at a time and dunked them and rung them. This worked much better.

                    Crabmeat filling:

                    5 Tablespoons oil
                    2 bay leaves
                    3 onions, finely chopped
                    1/2 teaspoon sugar
                    1 level tsp. salt
                    1/2 red or green bell pepper
                    finely chopped
                    1 6-ounce can tomato paste
                    4 cloves garlic, mashed or
                    chopped fine
                    1 lb. can fresh crabmeat (claws),
                    picked over and shredded
                    1 level tsp. crushed red hot
                    pepper (Italian style)

                    Fry very slowly in oil, the onions, bell pepper, garlic, crushed hot pepper for 15 minutes. Add bay leaves, sugar, salt, and tomato paste. Stir, then cover and cook 15 minutes at low heat. Add crabmeat and cook for 10 minutes, uncover, put on platter in fridge for 2 hours.

                    Take about3 tablespoons of the bread dough and press in your hand; put in a tablespoon of crab filling, then seal like a croquette with two pointed ends. Dip into the following mixture: 2 eggs, well beaten with 1/2 c milk, salt, and a dash of pepper. Mix 1 cup cracker meal and 1/2 cup flour. Roll croquettes first in the cracker-flour mixture, then in the eggs, and again in the cracker-flour. Put in fridge for 2 hours. Fry indeep fat until brown. Make miniature size for parties.


                    I used fish fry instead of the cracker-flour mixture. It gave it a much more even coat. I used my fryer to fry them, and they turned out beautifully. I do not know how they would turn out pan fried.

                    1. I have fond memories of the Seabreeze...I had my first beer there at a "tender" age in the backseat of a 55 Chevy my brother was a Schlitz in the old hard metal can and had to be opened with a church key...Ofcourse we had deviled crabs and they were fabulous...I ate there on and off in later years after the restaurant got "fancy" and I always had a good meal for a decent price...Thanks for reminding me...

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                      1. re: flamale863

                        Maybe the Schlitz came from the old brewery there on 30th St. N. up next to USF.

                      2. I just heard the Seabreeze now has a food truck and its parked in the area of Causeway Blvd and 301...Its supposedly run by the same family that had the Seabreeze and has the same recipes. Anybody thats checked it out,let us know what you think...

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                        1. re: flamale863

                          I've popped into the Seabreeze truck/trailer on 301 once a month, for about 3 months now... I think they're great, and yeah, I'm under the impression it's a family member although I haven't asked... She pops them in the fryer when you order them, and I'm always pleasantly surprised, after they cool down, how much I enjoy them. It's just not an item that blows my mind no matter where I get them, but these are 'up there' with some of the others...

                          1. re: Mild Bill

                            yes, Donna Richards runs it with the original recipes. good stuff!

                            1. re: andy huse

                              Yay. On my list of must-dos on my next trip home!

                              Does she make Miss Lucy potatoes, too?

                                1. re: andy huse

                                  So WHAT are Miss Lucy potatoes??? I dont remember those...

                                  1. re: flamale863

                                    OMG. The most incredible home-made potato chips you could ever imagine.
                                    Handcut, thick-sliced, then covered in Parmesan cheese. Doesn't sound like much, but they were heaven on a plate.

                                    A couple of deviled crabs, an order of Miss Lucy potatoes, and a sunny day made a damned fine lunch.

                                    I'm one of the lucky ones -- I own a copy of the recipe/history book that Andy co-authored and edited, bought from Jimmy Richards (who was there every time I stopped by to buy shrimp) in the store behind the restaurant.

                                    1. re: sunshine842

                                      The Greek version of those chips at Louis Pappas is homemade chips with Tzatziki sauce over them and they are great too..

                          2. re: flamale863

                            Hmm, they did a write up on the truck in the TBT site...

                            I need to buy a bag full of deviled crabs to go with my beer for football on Sunday.

                          3. My brother went to the food truck yesterday to check it out and he was NOT happy with the deviled crabs...Hes been eating them for 50 yrs here in tampa so he knows what they should taste like and he said these were not that good...He complained about the strange texture of the crust and also the crab filling had a strange texture...they are 3.50 and he said it would take 3 of the Seabreeze crabs to egual one of Brocatos deviled crabs (6.40) and ofcourse Brocatos are fabulous...I think Ill still check out the food truck...Maybe the crabs were just bad that day ...If anybody goes and gets some please post your opinion...If the Seabreeze reads this board maybe they can recheck their recipe or technique and make some changes..