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Feb 16, 2005 04:39 PM

Dim Sum in Miami

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Any recs for good Dim Sum in Miami area? We recently moved to Sunny Isles Beach from NYC and are willing to travel north or south. Thanks!

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  1. Tropical Chinese in South West Dade, great dim sum, not too expensive, gosh I got hungry myself...

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    1. re: Mario
      s.m. koppelman

      South Garden, too, in the same area.

      N.B.: when I had dim sum there a few months back, something had a TON of MSG. May have been a one-time error in one batch of something, probably a roast pork filling. Everything was otherwise very good.

      You're not really any farther from most of Broward County. Honk Kong City BBQ on US 441 near COmmericial is one of several places with dim sum, and it's a terrific (mostly HK, of course) little place across the board.

      1. re: s.m. koppelman

        Hong Kong City has been closed since the owner was murdered in the restaurant earlier this year, (very sad). Try Toa Toa instead - it is maybe even better.

      2. re: Mario

        Where exactly is this place? I think it's the one I saved info on for over a year then threw out yesterday and now need to find since we're finally going down there. wouldn't you just know it?

        1. re: JmVikmanis

          Tropical Chinese Restaurant
          (305) 262-7576
          7991 SW 40th St
          Miami, FL 33155

          Palmetto to Bird Road West, Less than two blocks on the north side on a (what else) strip mall, in front of the tropical park, martial arts place in the same mall,

      3. Not north, but west is Bambu Garden on Pines Blvd. in Pembroke Pines. Some carts, but mostly off a check-off menu. The food is good. Doesn't compare to dim sum in other places we've had like San Francisco, NY and Vancouver, but decent. Usually we're the only Americans there. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Welcome to the "neighborhood".

        1. Dragon Buffet (formerly DuBerry's) in Plantation has great dim sum.

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          1. re: baday

            Had a delicious (and filling!) lunch yesterday at Dragon Buffet in Plantation. I am leery of buffets and don't usually partake but this was different since I had access to very fresh and authentic dumplings...shrimp, peanut, seafood and chive, shui mei, rice noodle rolls, turnip pancakes, pork buns, and others. The rest of the offerings were a cross between usual Chinese buffet items (and not bad at that...lots of nice fresh fish, veggies, noodles) and authentic Chinese, clams, crab, frogs legs, crawfish, Chinese dessert items. There was also sushi and a stirfry chef to whip up your customized order. Very clean with lots of Asian families enjoying Sunday lunch. All this for $10! I'm told dim sum is only served there on Sat. and Sun. til 3pm.

            1. re: baday

              do you have an address for it? I am coming to lauderdale area this week, and I love Dim sum. :D

            2. Jumbo's is just west of you on 163 Street and supposed to have good Dim Sum, though I have not tried it.

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              1. re: keysrat

                Try Sang's near Jumbo's. Two friends of mine, unrelated, recommended the place to me on separate occasion and claims that it has the best dim sum in Miami.

                1. re: mialebven


                  Sang's is a great all-round Chinese place. Best to listen to the servers when they make suggestions. We were there last week and asked after the fresh veggies and the lady suggested "pea leaves" which are a more tender steamed dark green side dish than the traditional "rappini" (leaves from broccoli) we get at Jumbo's and other Chinese places. The greens are served in a toss of light garlic and are really delicious. While the regular greens have chewy/fibrous stems, the pea leaves were softer. We like both.

                  We had dim sum yesterday at Jumbo's and saw that the fish tanks - the "food" tanks rather than the decorative Koi tank - were stocked with giant Maine lobsters, eels and a full rack of GEODUCK. If you watch Tony Bourdain on his Travel Channel show, the "Dirty Jobs" Geoduck episode or Top Chef Season 3 Miami, you may have seen episodes featuring these giant phallic clams.



                  We did not sample the clams - though I recalled Tony Bourdain eating a sashimi of the clam he just dug up and wished I could have just a slice to see what the fuss was about... We did have a really delicious dim sum brunch including those "clam cakes filled with roast pork and caramelized onions" I liked so much last time. They are on the top center of the check off paper and are called roast pork roll? roast pork bun? I can't remember! I asked after scallion pancakles and got these instead. They are delicious but the waiter and I were trying to decide how to translate the name as they are not that "tennis ball" looking soft steamed bun, but more like a croissant shell... 3 to an order and AB and I had to fight over the third one. We split it.

                  If you're in NMB today and want to try the GEODUCK and report back - I am still fixating on this!


                  1. re: advisor_Girl

                    Now I have to add Sang's to my "hit list"! Have you tried their dim sum?

                    Char siu bao (roast pork bun) you can get either steamed (the puffy doughy "tennis ball" form) or baked (the browned on top, flakier type). I think on Jumbo's check-off menu the former is "steamed pork bun" and the latter is "baked pork bun".

                    We saw the geoduck at Jumbo's last visit too and were duly impressed. I wonder what preparation they do - sashimi is not typically Chinese. Though I actually prefer these cooked a little bit to raw - a little bouncy.

                    The greens you typically see in most Chinese places I've always heard called "Chinese broccoli" is not to my taste the same as rapini - the stalks are thicker and the flavor is not as bitter. There are a huge variety of other Chinese greens that I have no clue what the names are, but they're often delicious.

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      The greens at South Garden are often some of the most expensive things on the menu -- either in oyster or garlic sauce.

              2. Ok, as someone who grew up here, and lived in NYC, Shanghai, SF, I have to tell you the best dim sum around Miami was Jumbo's. However, the family that ran jumbo ended up selling it two months ago, and the food isn't the same (since it was the father who used to do all the cooking). That being said, Sang's is good for dim sum - they have some really interesting dishes (fish piece congee, roast pork pastry), as well as the usual complement of normal dimsum affair. Tropical is good if you don't know what you want to order, and need to have it shown to you, however, I'd go a couple blocks down to Konchau if you know what you really want to eat, since their food is actually must better, fresher, and dim sum is available all day and night there (a great great thing, in my opinion).

       bout finding me a decent ramen and gyoza shop....

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                  There aren't necessarily any places that specialize in noodles. Only place I can think of is the Noodle Shop at O on Lincoln Rd btwn Collins and Washington. Went when I felt a little under the weather and the shoyu ramen was pretty good. Other places are Yakko-san in NMB and Matsuri on Red Rd @ Bird Rd. in Miami.