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Best Mexican Restaurant in Miami

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We are coming to Miami for a day and want to go to the best Mexican restaurant. - No tex-mex. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. El Rancho Grande just off Lincoln Rd but I'd stick to Cuban in Miami....

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      El Toro Taco on Krome Ave. in Homestead is pretty good, but I'd only recommend it as a stop on the way to the keys.

    2. Agree with Sobe. Miami is not the best place for Mexican. You can find good food from south of the border here as long as the border is the one between Panama and Colombia.

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        Tha Groovin' Gourmet

        Will you have wheels?

        Head north to Eduardo De San Angel in FtL.

        Gourmet Mex to die for...or at least drive.

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          I have to agree with you. Eduardo de SanAngel is by far the best Mexican place. I'm Mexican and I love it. If you want to see the menu go to www.restaurantelite.com

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            Another vote for this restaurant - it is wonderful :)

          2. there are tons of great Mexican places in Homestead & Florida City, south of miami, on the way to the Keys.
            Most of the Mexican community live & work there - the farming community of the Redland attracted migrant workers, many of whom settled down and stayed.
            In Miami - stick to Cuban or South & Central American places.
            Try Rositas, on Palm Drive (SW 344th St) in Florida City, just to the West of where the Turnpike Extension ENDS on the way to the keys. Looks like a shack, but most authentic.

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              I don't know why everyone raves about rosita's but it is not good at all. Try Pasadita, it is the real thing. It is located across from the Homestead campus of Miami-Dade on English (intersects Campbell or 312 st.). The other one I like is Maya Grill which is on Palm Drive almost to the Florida City post office. Maya Grill is more generous with their portions. Their tacos are almost twice as big as those of other places. Both have a great self serve salsa bar. On Saturday and Sundays, Maya Grill has very good carnitas and buche (pig stomach)

            2. I thought Burrito Loco in Downtown Miami was good, but I didn't get to try much. Can anyone give me more opinion about this establishment?

              Also, Los Magueyes in Miami Lakes is good.

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                Try Cheen Huaye on Biscayne Blvd in the 150's (?). The chef/owner is a very talented Yucatan native.

              2. Best Mexican in Miami? Try Orale!

                Patricia reviewed it in Miami's foodie blog - Mango & Lime. http://mangoandlime.net/2007/06/29/co...

                Tacos-$2.50; Quesadilla-$3.50/4.00; Jarritos-$1.25

                NB - If you can tear yourself away from the truck, there are usually two other vendors down the street. Two nice Nicaraguan ladies who sell homemade yucca con chicharron and corn husk wrapped Tamales, smooth and corn-y, and a sweet Peruvian couple who serve amazing Peruvian empanadas (they’re bigger and the dough is more dense) and big fat ‘Cuban’ Tamales, corn meal, rice, and chicken wrapped in a banana leaf. Take it to go.

                28th St SW just east of 37th Ave. in Coral Gables
                Saturdays-8:30 AM- 7 PM; Sundays-11:30 AM-7 PM

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                  These tacos were awesome! Remind me of the now defunct Taco Max. Their chicharron taco was better than my favorite L.A. taco stand's. This truck is going to be on my weekendly rotation.

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                    Please please please try the suadero and the cachete next time-I have patiently (not really!) eaten thru their entire menu twice. What did you have besides the chicharron?

                    1. re: Miami Danny

                      I also had the lamb which was a gamey as you'd described. It's the lambiest lamb I've ever had. My girlfriend got the carne asada (OK) and the chorizo (spicier than expected). We'll definitely be back and I hope they're there. I'm surprised they haven't thrown up their hands in frustration as people walked up asking for carne asada with onion or chicken but with chicken breast. I don't think many people in Miami will appreciate this place, but for those who will, it's a welcome addition.

                2. Miami is not mexican food town....at all.However, close to South Beach and the Gables, this should be easy to find. It is a trip, with the huge bright white light that make you feel like fritters and the walls covered in Mexican spices for sale and incredible guacamole and chips that make you wonder if you read the menu right when you thought it said tacos were less than $2. Do not expect upscale and it is not on Lincoln Road like El Rancho Grande but I love it. I never remember the exact name....

                  Taqueria Mexico?
                  521 SW 8th St
                  Miami, FL 33130

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                    Taqueria Mexicano should change their name to Taqueria Colombiano as the owners reign from there.

                    I agree very much with the above statements that Miami is NOT the place for authentic Mexican cuisine. If it's authentic you must have, then you must head north to Pompano. The place is called Doña Raquel's on Dixie Hway. There are other authentic joints near there too.

                    If in Homestead, try La Fondita the rest are imposters dressed up in red, green and white!

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                      agree with netmover on this one... taqueria mexico is not REAL mexican food (or even that good!)

                      but i did have the Orale tacos this weekend.... the al pastor was pretty good, but the carne asada was not. this place is a bit expensive for what im used to paying for these types of tacos in other states (georgia, texas) but I guess you have to pay a premium for it in miami. i saw about 15 people come and go while i was there (and it was about to rain, too).

                      i think ill go back next weekend and try some other flavors. im not about to give up my quest to find some decent mexican food in miami.

                      on another note, does anyone have any theories on why there are no mexicans in miami? i have heard many reasons from "the cubans hate mexicans" to "they go other places" to "the nicaraguans are here" etc. anyway, seems to me like we should have more mexicans considering you dont need to know english to get along/ahead in miami. so.... whats the deal?

                      1. re: Lost Highway

                        Here's a theory:

                        It's a little tuffer to cross the Florida Strait and the Gulf of Mexico than it is the Rio Grande!

                        The Mexy community is really starting to take hold in NYC and I can assure you we'll start seeing more and more here in Miami in the next decade. Pompano Beach has a growing community and well worth the drive for authentic savours. There are stores and true Taquerias on and around Dixie. I finally found my favorite "cerveza mexicana" Victoria at Dona Raquel's Meat and Fish Market. $8 bux for a bubble quart! It had to be trucked over and is still not officially imported nor distributed in the USA. There's also an authentic Tortilleria up there, although that is South of Pompano past Prospect.

                        1. re: netmover

                          Amen my Cahuama brother , I went there because of your reviews on food it was very authentic if you want the real deal, cabeza tripas menudo pozole I'm I in heaven or what?
                          Tomorrow is the chiles rellenos and Mariachi been the 15 de Septiembre
                          Viva Mexico !!!

                          Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on 15 of September
                          Viva Mexico!!!

                          1. re: serg

                            thanks for the heads up, I totally forgot! there is so much false hype for cinco de mayo, well you did beat the french that day! "Cahuama" please educate me, I'm East coast...is Dona Raquels doing a celebration? Por supuesto...da detalles porfavor.


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                        Try the Orale taco truck. It'll remind you a bit of Dona Raquel without the long drive.

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                          What about Rosa Mexicano? I haven't been, but people rave about it. The best Mexican in Fort Lauderdale hands down is Eduardo de San Angel.

                    2. Guadalajara across US1 from the Falls is decent. It has been open forever and the staff is very nice. Don't get the al pastor items as they are not so good but other items are pretty good if you have a craving for Mexican.

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                        Poblano in South Miami is the best Mexican in town! Amazing sauces. Everything is fresh and delicious. Don’t expect to get the TexMex experience. No cheese and sour cream to be had. The fresh lemonade is great. The tacos al pastor - amazing. They just started serving brunch on Sunday from 11:00-2:00. I had the most delicious eggs with Mexican chorizo.

                        5850 Sunset Dr
                        South Miami, FL 33143
                        (305) 740-9087

                      2. Oh, and this might be an odd suggestion, and I may get knocked for this, but try Honduras Maya on 27th Avenue just north of Flagler. Their baleadas does it for me whenever I have an urge for Mexican. It's like a cross between a taco and a burrito, but that's as much as I can say it. Their baleada with carne is delicious and cheap. The one with just cheese was a bit too salty for me, but it is because they used Latin American style cheese. It is as authentic as it could be.

                        The place and ambience is nice. You can get a horchata here too to go with your baleada. Their batidos however are out of this world - they are probably one of the best I've had in Miami - tastes like a thick milk shake, almost like ice cream! I had it with mamey.

                        1. I've been here for twenty years and have tried most all of them, including Poblano recently. My present favorites are El Nachito, just north of Homestead AFB (run by the sister of the owner of Casita Tejas and Guadalajara) and for a different spin, El Puerto de Vallarta, on US1 & SW 248th St which serves SW mexican syle food with an emphasis on seafood. Both are worth the drive.

                          1. Honestly... the bext Mexican restaurant in Miami is in Miller Square... Miller Drive and 137th... the food and menu are prepared by real honest to goodness mexicans... when you go, don't forget to try the fresh lemonaid... it's really limeaid, but it's the most amazing thing I've ever tried... their fajitas are amazing and the burritos are filling... my family family gues there rather frequently... check it out!!!

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                              The "best" Mexican restaurant is in Miller Square? Are you referring to Iguana Ranas Mexican Grill? The OUTRAGE! The only reason I decided to respond to this post was when I read that comment. I went there and it was the WORST mexican food I ever ate here in Miami. Don't let the decorations fool you - the food is horrible. Examples? My enchiladas were covered not with true "enchilada" sauce (chili sauce for you gringos) but with freakin TOMATO sauce!!! And the meat in the burros - GROUND BEEF instead of good quality machaca/shredded beef. These are easily the quickest way to spot BAD mexican food - cheating by using tomato-based sauce instead of true chili sauce and using ground beef, and also by covering things with American CHEDDAR cheese. BAD BAD BAD. The only place that has impressed my wife (of mexican descent from the southwest) is the Poblanos place. I have to agree - the Tacos al Pastor WERE AMAZING. And the lemonade was to die for also.

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                                Has anyone tried Paquito's on Biscayne and 163rd?(I think) It is in back of the strip mall. I have had only one meal there, with an excellent margarita or two. I had a chicken dish, sauteed with mushrooms and jalapenos that was delicious but then I did have two margaritas.

                                1. re: rra1024


                                  Check this post too:


                                  Paquito's is really fun.

                                  While the hounds dismiss it in the overall ratings because Dona Raquel is REAL Mexi with real Mexican patrons, we frequent Paquito's because the food is good, the atmosphere is fun and they are opened late (we're movie buffs often in the area looking for a late night fix). We get there about 2X a month. Taqueria Dona Raquel is #1, but it very far off for us in Pompano Beach. Also worth mentioning in the NMB area are Cheen Huaye (Mexi via the Yucatan), and the soon-to-be-opened burrito chain Chipotle (next week).

                                  NB: On Friday nights, there are NO parking places in front of Paquito's because their bar is really popular for happy hour. The place gets loud - really wound up - with a diverse crowd who gather to drink and dance and (gawd!) sing karaoke... We have spent some blurry times in that bar during World Cup Soccer events, on Cinco de Mayo etc. But most of the time, it's best to sit far away from the noisy bar crowd if you want to eat and talk. There are often Mariachi wandering through the restaurant who are genuinely good musicians (they are NOT birthday party clowns as some folks perceive). I mention this to prepare new visitors who may or may not want to deal with the rowdy atmosphere while dining. AB and I actually went on our first date here and it was a VERY effective ice breaker. OK - perhaps it was the tequila - but we're still together and still eating at Paquito's.

                                  The food overall is consistent & good. Perhaps more "TexMex" than Hound-standard genuine Mexican. If I were to make the distinction - and I do not discriminate against ANY food as long as it tastes good - Paquito's use of sour cream and presentation of sizzling fajitas and more popular, Americanized fare takes it down a notch in the ranks of BEST. The hot chips and cilantro/oniony salsa are addicting, the moles are delicious and the back page of the goofy-looking menu offers all the classic dishes as SOLTEROS - single "tapas" style plates. This is my favorite way to order as they happily present your choices on a smaller plate one-by-one without the sludge of refried beans and rice and salad served on the dinner platters. I like to sample a chile relleno filled with their hacked chicken cooked in an enchilada/chile sauce, then a crispy flauta, or an enchilada suiza... I like the combination of something spicy something crispy, something creamy...it's all good! AB loves the tortilla soup. Paquito's serves it like French Onion soup; topping the flavorful broth with a raft of crispy strips of tortilla chips and melted queso fresco. It's a heart-attack in a bowl but creamy, cheesy good. The chicken and the albondigas (meatball) soups are also great when it gets a little cooler here (or if you are under the weather).

                                  And you are right - the margaritas add a great deal to the experience! So do the servers who seem to have been there forever.

                                  I hoped to get going this morning to try a Mexican Sunday brunch at Poblano's on Sunset or perhaps Cheen Huaye. We passed by Rosa Mexicano Friday to try it for lunch but the sign said they were not opening at lunchtime until next week... will report back.


                                  Paquito's 16265 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach 305-947-5027
                                  Cheen Huaye 15400 Biscayne Blvd. · North Miami Beach 305-956-2808
                                  Chipotle Mexican Grill 14776 Biscayne Blvd North Miami 305 - 947-2779
                                  Rosa Mexicano 900 South Miami Avenue Brickell Village 786-425-1001
                                  Poblano Restaurant 5850 Sunset Dr, South Miami (305) 740-9087
                                  Taqueria Doña Raquel 793 S. Dixie Hwy. Pompano Beach 954-946-4490

                                  1. re: advisor_Girl

                                    I went to Cheen Huaye and the chicken mole had the awful microwave chicken taste and the mole was too sweet. I did not feel encouraged to go back. I guess I should as it seems a couple of you are singing its praises. I have tried and understand different styles of Mexican food. I grew up in NY , so I have had access to good home style Brooklyn Mexican and East Harlem Mexican ,fancy Mexican, tex-mex, cal-mex , Taco Bell and chinese Fresca Tortilla Mex. I agree totally AG as long as it tastes good. (not so much Taco Bell, that is just when I am craving their caramel apple empanada) On another note, there was a very good Mexican restaurant on 125th across from MOCA. The food was really good and it was quite popular. Does anyone know where they will reopen? I have heard the space will become another Dogma grill. Grrrr.

                                    1. re: rra1024


                                      I searched an older thread about Cheen Huaye and bumped it. We have not visited in a while but there are more reviews. I am on a vision quest right now for a Mexican Breakfast spot. We went to Poblano last weekend and were thinking about Sunday brunch at Cheen Huaye until I read papaherb's post about breakfast at

                                      Chapultepec Mexican Bar
                                      23 NW 2nd Ave
                                      Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

                                      He writes:

                                      <<Very Authentic MEXICAN - Chapultepec on Hallandale Beach Blvd a few blocks west of Dixie Hwy on the North side of the street...nothing compares...(try the chilaquiles with salsa verde, ask for your eggs over easy and insist on some chorizo...one of my fav breakfasts) and consider yourself blessed if they have mole available (mama who cooks doesn't make it every day)>>


                                      So we are there tomorrow... will call first to confirm hours.


                                      1. re: rra1024

                                        RRA1024: You just hit on ANOTHER "classic" sign of BAD Mexican food - when you get chicken that has obviously been microwaved - but to make matters worse, it is UNSEASONED - not even salt!! I commonly get this bland pasty-white shredded chicken inside of chicken enchiladas. BAD BAD BAD. Thanks for your report - I know I won't be going to Cheen Huaye now. I think the last place I got this was at those Texas Taco Tex-Mex places - oh my goodness the horror of it all. - and I also remember getting mole sauce that tasted EXACTLY like melted semi-sweet chocolate from Publix. Argh!!!

                                        1. re: grogargh

                                          i was wondering... although im miami now, i lived in Texas for over 30 years, so i have been a round Excellent Mexican food most of my life... my question to you guys is this..

                                          does any of these Mexican restaurants make the tortillas fresh to order? i kill for fresh tortillas....

                                          1. re: dbellas

                                            The state of Mexican food in Miami must be really bad if people are recommending Poblano. It was one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to, Mexican or otherwise.

                                            1. re: dbellas

                                              I'm also from Texas and I haven't found any fresh tortillas in any Mexican restaurant yet... but... from a fellow Texan to another fellow Texan, let me tell you to try out an Honduran restaurant. I haven't been to Adelita's which seems to be highly regarded in Miami, but I've been to Hondura Maya restaurant on 27th Avenue near Flagler and ordered a baleada con carne y huevo (meat and egg), and I must say their tortillas brings me back the great memories of freshly made tortillas in Texas.

                                              I would much rather eat that than any so-called "Mexican" food in South Florida.

                                              1. re: mialebven

                                                i will try it...thanks for the tip. i did find a place a while back while looking for menudo...its in the flea market/farmers market in homestead.
                                                the tortillas were good but the food was nasty. not to mention the cooking conditions... i have no problems eating street food..ive done it from mexico to thailand and places between...but this place was gross and the food nasty.....but hey, fresh tortillas....

                                                so far, the best "Mexican food" is coming from my kitchen.

                                                where in Texas you from Euless here..aka "useless".
                                                i'// post back w/ my Hondura Maya Restaurant experience...

                                                1. re: dbellas

                                                  You know what's scary? I was planning on going to visit the flea market down there since the lady at Taco Diva on Miller recommended me to go there for "fresh Mexican food." Now I'm wondering if it's the same one! I haven't gone though (partly because I lost the address). LOL.

                                                  I'm from Houston, by the way. :-) I've been to H-E-B before(and I'm not talking about the grocery store that's better than Publix). LOL.

                                              2. re: dbellas

                                                Jaguar in coconut grove make their own tortillas, they are the minis and they are great. They also do blue corn tortillas with their chicken taquitos which are awesome.

                                  2. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Cancun Grill in Miami Lakes. They have the staples of any mexican restaurant (Burritos, Fajitas, etc.) as well as some uncommon plates such as Skirt Steak Tampiqueño.

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                                      whoops, i think my last post was removed.... i wasnt too harsh was i?


                                      Mialebven, sorry, i posted a long winded response about the flea market eats and it must have been removed. let me know if you go, i hope your experience is more enjoyable than mine. would love to go shop the farmers market there and have a stack of fresh tortillas , a nice bowl of menudo and a variety of yummy tacos.
                                      good luck w/ all that. i will go one of these days and check it out for myself if i dont see anyone responding w/ their experience.
                                      remember those flyswatters they sold at the texas state fair?
                                      those huge swatters bigger than a tennis raquet???
                                      carry one along w/ you..... next time your down in Houston, say het to my buddies in the woodlands..... chow

                                      1. re: dbellas

                                        Can anyone tell me the name and the exact whereabouts of the flea (or maybe "flies") market? LOL

                                        I unfortunately only went to the Texas State Fair once... I was underwhelmed by the "world famous" corn dogs they had at the fair (way too greasy and the sausage was nothing to write home about) and the fact that they had an auto show going on - talk about a really car-dependent state that they really had to show it off in a State Fair! But now knowing that they had Texas-sized fly swatters.... shoot! I should have gotten myself one of those! They're handy for dealing with the even-bigger Florida-sized bugs! ;-)

                                        The Woodlands is coming up with its own class of chowable restaurants, and they're setting themselves apart from the rest of the region - both in good ways and bad ways. I know there's a trove of new things to discover there. Unfortunately I'm much closer to the other rich suburbia an hour and half away - Sugar Land - which I much prefer to than The Woodlands for the simple fact that it is much closer to Houston's good life. But for sure, I'll stop by The Woodlands and give them a Florida greetings! ;-)

                                      2. re: madtheswine

                                        May you please elaborate on your experiences at Cancun Grill in Miami Lakes? I have not heard much about the restaurant, but I do recall another friend of mine mentioning good things about the place. Do they make their own tortillas? How do you rate the food and how does it compare with other Mexican eateries? Or maybe, how does it compare with nearby Los Magueyes in Miami Lakes?

                                        1. re: mialebven

                                          Cancun Grill does make their own tortillas. They also make their own salsas which are always good. Sometimes they are very spicy and sometimes they are mild. I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason to why the spicyness changes. They have the best mexican food I've had in South Florida. Everyone raves about their fajitas, but I like their Skirt Steak menu, they make it about 6 different ways. My favorite is the Skirt Steak Tampiqueño, which has a light salsa and cheese smothered over the steak. Their refried beans are the best. Their desserts leave something to be desired, but that's not why I go there. The Margaritas are delicious. Not too tart, not too sweet. If you go on the weekends, get there early as the place does get packed. I've never been to Los Magueyes. I gotta try them out.

                                          1. re: madtheswine

                                            One thing I forgot to mention is that they do not serve cheese with their fajitas. You can order it and they charge an extra $1+. That's one of the few complaints I have about the place.

                                            1. re: madtheswine

                                              I just tried Cancun Grill yesterday and while I liked the meat, I thought the rice and refried beans were kind of below average... and the tortillas were NOT made fresh.

                                              I still think the quality of the food at Los Magueyes is a bit better, but it's a smaller atmosphere and the prices are higher - which is a con about that restaurant. But of the two in Miami Lakes, I would have to go with the more authentic, relatively speaking, Los Magueyes until I find another better option.

                                        2. There is a restaurant on 8th Street near Brickell (I think the area is called Little Havana) that has very good authentic (Tex) Mexican food. It reminds me of the typical dive in Los Angeles that is family run and full of delish food and very affordable - only difference is no-on one speaks English at all. It's the best dive for quick good food - ZERO ambiance. I've stumbled across two others that were ok - a place on Espaniola Way in SoBe and Paquito's in North Miami in a strip mall on the SE corner of Biscayne and 163rd Street. Wrong part of the country for excellent Mexican food - who knew?

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                                          1. re: MIAfromSFO

                                            The real deal is revealed...Mi Rinconcito 1961 SW 8th St (Calle Ocho)...sorry for letting it be concealed, but I just love this place. I used to go every Sunday for a while for 'breakfast'', usually shrimp ceviche tosatadas, a couple of cold Tecates and a tripe or foot dish. Whenever my wife was sick, or vice-versa, their caldo de res (beef soup) is as good as anyone's mom's chicken soup to make you feel better. Authentic, cheap, delicious. And cold, cold, Tecate. And I've never seen any gringos here...until now, I hope. http://www.miamisunpost.com/1025bites...

                                          2. This is probably an overtalked about topic in Miami, but I'm starting to feel more satisfied with the Mexican taqueria scene in Miami - not Tex-Mex though, which the food is still lacking for the most part. It seems like the taquerias keep popping up more and more everyday - I've definitely noticed a change since even two years ago. We've got numerous taquerias (Tres Amigos, several joints in Little Havana (at least 3 or 4 different joints), Cheen Huaye, Poblanos, and several places in South Dade (Puerto Vallarta, etc). Heck, it's more than our Greek offerings in this city so maybe we shouldn't complain that much, if we don't complain much about Greek food.

                                            Nevertheless, a new Mexican joint opened up, on 27th Avenue and SW 1st Street (by Flagler) - Los Jarritos. They've only been open for two weeks so it looks a tad empty - empty shelves, understocked ingredients for the horchata, and not even a menu has been printed out for the customers. However, they had all the typical Mexican taqueria classics and the decor is decent as well. There seems to be a stage for live music in the evening. I went during an off hour so there were not many people there, but it looked promising. But because they were new, they only took cash so I wasn't able to order much, but I must say that their quesadillas were the best I've had so far in Miami, and just the right size from what I remember them being like in Texas - big! The ingredients in them seemed to be fresh and it was well made and prepared. I only had to gripe about one thing - their avocados that they use were not the California type HAAS avocado but the ones we see more common in Miami. Those avocados in Miami tend to be less flavorful and more watery - so it doesn't contribute as much to a meal as would, say a Californian avocado or even a guacamole.

                                            But other than that, I wouldn't hesitate returning.

                                            1. Poblano is the best creative Mexican in town. Located in S. Miami between SW 72 Ave, & 73 Ave ,maybe on 58 Ct. Call first. Their street has been under construction, so I hope they're OK. Very creative, unusual menu, upscale casual atmosphere..

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                                              1. re: Bette Ferne

                                                I agree Poblano's is excellent. Just had lunch there this Sunday. Very fresh and not all laden with sauces and cheese and refried beans. Their tortillas are fresh and Sunday they were serving breakfast and they had sweet breakfast breads that were really good. Their guacamole is very tasty.

                                              2. Just curious but has anyone tried Don Burrito on SW 72nd St (Sunset) nearby 107th Avenue)? My cousin's birthday is coming up soon - she's craving for Mexican, and she said a friend suggested that place.

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                                                1. re: mialebven

                                                  Don Burrito is one of the best Mexican restaurants around. I have friends from Texas that rave about how authentic it is. There's a 2nd location in Miami Lakes and it's just as good. Love it!

                                                2. La Pasadita in Homestead across from the Miami-Dade College campus on English. It's close to Campbell Dr. Also, I like Maya Grill in Florida City on Palm drive. Just go past Rosita's (because you do not want to stop there) and it will be about a couple of miles on your left before the Florida City post office.

                                                  1. For better than Tex-Mex, try Poblano in South Miami. I like tex-mex and enjoy El Rancho Grande on South Beach. For closer to home in South Miami, I went the other day to El Burrito (or something like that) on Sunset and 100th Ave. in a strip mall. The appetizer nachos and for dinner the mole chicken burrito were actually quite good though unfortunately the ambience was rather lacking.

                                                    1. Went to a place on Sunset and 100th Avenue in SW Miami called Mr. Burrito (or maybe El Burrito). Not much atmosphere but the food was great. Best chicken burrito with mole sauce I've ever had.
                                                      El Poblano is very good with nice decor and good service (and more expensive).
                                                      The best all around I've been to in South Florida is San Angel in Fort Lauderdale.

                                                      1. Can't remember the name but there is a new taco place at 75th and Biscayne Blvd. Excellent, but bring your own beer and maybe air conditioning or just extra beer.

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                                                        1. re: brave man

                                                          You wouldn't be referring to Ver Daddy's Taco Shop, would you (which opened about 1 1/2 years ago)? Was discussed pretty extensively here some time ago ->
                                                          Excellent? I have not been able to bring myself to try it again, but they must have really made some dramatic improvements.

                                                          1. re: Frodnesor

                                                            Yes. Let me clarify, excellent for Miami. I have eaten there twice in the last two weeks and both times the fish tacos have been very good. The place is sort of a dump and the disorganization continues, first visit the front window was broken so most of the customers were using it as a door and as a result there was no a/c, the second time the soda machine was broken but both times I brought my own beer, which they put on ice, so I was fine.

                                                            1. re: brave man

                                                              Even if there was air conditioning and an all-you-can-drink-from keg it'd still take more to make me wanna go back. After over a year of being open maybe it's time to spruce the place up?

                                                              1. re: brave man

                                                                If you desire good Mexican, go to Houston, plus bbq, just stay away from Goode Co.