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Feb 6, 2005 07:41 AM

Opinions on Los Ranchos at Bayside Market

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We'll be visiting Miami next month for the Nasdaq 100 tennis tournament. Looking for a good restaurant convenient to Biscayne Bay. Price is no problem but we will be casually dressed, must eat early (5:30ish), and won't have a lot of time, so good service a must.

If we do end up going to Bayside Market, where does a person park? Any other restaurants in Bayside Market that's worth a recommendation? Thanks y'all.

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  1. Bayside does have a parking garage, with somewhat onerous rates,
    although they have a discount rate on lunchtime parking on weekdays.
    Bayside has chains like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Chili's, Hooters,
    and Hard Rock Cafe. When I'm there I usually end up in the
    foodcourt, which seems to have a little more variety than the
    usual mall, such as South American grilled meats, French, Cuban,
    Middle Eastern stuff, not really high quality, but interesting
    selections. The other sit-down restaurants there I haven't tried,
    except Los Ranchos, which I've enjoyed, not in a transcendent
    way, but still tasty.

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      Thanks for the other info about the Bayside Market. Am happy that there were no negative comments about Los Ranchos, and to know there are other options if it looks too crowded.

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        Not to put a damper on things, but talking to my wife, who
        has eaten at Los Ranchos more times than I have, (mostly
        at lunchtime), she wouldn't recommend their grilled chicken,
        which she says tends to be dry. They're more known for their
        beef dishes, which is what I usually go for.

    2. Hey, this might be a little late, but be sure to have the churrasco at Los Ranchos. If you don't eat meat, the "Pescado Tipitapa." Good place, you won't regret it. Make sure you get plenty of "gallo pinto", painted rooster, their version of red beans and rice.

      1. ate at los ranchos two nights ago. while i wasnt blown away, it was definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a quite tasty $20 steak.

        my friend and i both had the currasco (basically flank steak) and it was totally worth having again. tender and tasty...just what it should've been. the gallo pinto was great - and they give you heaping, and i do mean heaping, mounds of it.

        the garlic bread that they put on the table is pretty stupid.

        and my shrimp cocktail was very undercooked. i don't know if that's how they do things at los ranchos or in miami - it's certainly not how they do things in new york, at least not on purpose. took a bite, didn't swallow....

        but the steak...the steak was worth going back for, i'd say.

        1. IMHO, los ranchos is the best restuarant in bayside. and one of the best ethnic steak houses period. Truthfully, I wish I knew of some other Nicaraguan steakhouses that were not in bayside, but close to the center of the city. (I remember one called "Y"something on Flagler won 'best of' a year or so ago in the New Times) Can anyone recommend it?