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Jan 25, 2005 02:27 PM

Best Cuban Food in Miami?

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I spent three weeks in Cuba last summer. Beautiful country and wonderful people, but the food was less than great.......

Am going to Miami for a conference in a couple of weeks, and have been told that the BEST Cuban food can be found there. Will only be able to sneak out for one lunch or dinner, and am looking for the "best" Cuban food. Price is not a real issue, but "fancy" is not a goal in itself..........

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  1. Where are you staying? If you're staying downtown, just take a short cab ride to Versailles in Little Havana.

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      It definitely depends where you're staying. Versailles is close to downtown. If you're near the airport, I'd recommend Las Culebrinas.

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        Las Culebrinas, two thumbs up!

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          I just ate at Versailles yesterday for lunch. I am visiting the area but I was impressed at the number of local people dining there. My family and I enjoyed the food there very much.

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            I recently ate at the original location of Las Culebrinas (just north of Coral Gables) and it was a very impressive meal. Vaca Frita over roasted plantains. My Cuban sister-in-law guesses that the plantains were steamed in their skins for a long time, then poached in wine, and then sauteed in butter. She says it's a long process, but let me tell you it was worth it!

            For dirt cheap meals in a diner environment, I've also eaten well at La Careta on Bird Rd. and L'Esquina de Tejas near the Orange Bowl. But those are not recent recommendations.

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            Versailles is not what it used to be. Love Rio Cristal on Bird Road

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              Rio Cristal also has that gorgeous strip mall atmosphere we all adore.

          3. My wife and I also visited Versailles on calle ocho a couple of weeks ago. The food was very good - lots of tasty pork cooked in a variety of ways! As a previous poster mentioned, we too were impressed by the significant patronage of locals speaking Spanish, giving it a definite Cuban ambiance. We'll be back when we visit Miami again.

            1. I had lunch at Versailles Wednesday. Absolutely the best soups (esp. black bean soup) you've ever had. I had the pork and Michael had the boleche. The plaintains that come with it melt in the mouth and of course the flan is tip top! I loved it.

              1. I was born in Cuba and I like to post my opinion regarding the comment of the food in Cuba not being very good. Unless one takes our own spices and other ingredients the food will not be good at all. It's a communist country they don’t have enough food to eat much less make it taste good. I spend two weeks in Oriente, and all my family had allot of was Juca with garlic one of my favorite so I did not mind.

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                  That is so true glad u pointed that out

                2. I'm reviving this thread because it's a highly contentious one and it deserves to be brought up for revision. Plus, I still don't know the answer to the question

                  The best Cuban food in Miami? I really like the Cuban food at El Nuevo Siglo supermarket on Calle Ocho. Great prices, great food.