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Jan 19, 2005 09:49 AM

Italian Bakeries in Orlando?

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Hi everyone ... Can anyone tell me if there are any genuine Italian bakeries anywhere in Orlando. Since moving here from NY a few years ago I have been going crazy without real semolina bread or Italian cookies. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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  1. There's a great place called Andrea's Cheesecakes on Edgwater Dr not far off I-4. It's a family business started by Andrea's father and they are originally from NY. They have great cannoli!

    1. Petty's meat market in Longwood has a small bakery section that looks good-the italian cookies though pre-packaged are very good as i always purchase them-from manhattan originally

      1. No Italian bakery in Orlando area. However there is a fantastic Italian grocery store in St. Pete that will take care of many of your Italian "fixes" . It is worth the drive as I stock up on a months worth of great stuff and try to get there once a month. It;s a jumble of little stores all connected togther now to form a larger grocery, all Itlian centric. They make their own breads, have seen semolina at times, the Pugilese and Tuscan loaves are veryyy good. Make their own desserts and Italian cookies. They roast their own coffee beans. There is a coffee bar in the middle of the store, where you can have coffee or eat from the bakery or deli, plus a outside patio. Their is deli counter for subs and 40-50 premade pastas, meats, salads, ect. A deli counter for sliced meats, salumis, prociutto, and more. A fresh pasta counter as well as frozen and dozens of dried. Retail italian goods aisles. A wine and cheese room, a meat counter with very good meat, love their Italian sausage ( think it's the best in Florida) and the breakfast sausages, seafood and a produce section. All of this surrounded by tons of Itailan kitzy decor.
        Best to go during the week as Saturday is pandomonium. Day or two before the holiday, forgetaboutit.

        Here's a link to their web site. Head out their with a cooler or two, have lunch and cafe their and see the sites of the nearby beaches and downtown St. Pete.

        1. been there-mazzara's-but it's actually Pittsburgh italians-a little different-and their pie is excellente

          1. I crave a real cassata cake made in Orlando.

            Any recommendations??