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Dec 3, 2004 03:29 PM

Victoria and Albert's

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Looking for more comments on Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian.

Last year, the family dined at Le Cirque in Las Vegas. We enjoyed it and felt it was worth every penny of the $200 or so we spent (no wine...we don't drink!).

Is Victoria and Albert's of the same quality as Le Cirque (in every, service, ambience)???


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  1. Not even in the same league as Le Cirque.

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      OK. Thanks.

      Another question.....

      How is Victoria and Albert's compared to other upscale restaurants in Orlando?

      1. re: Goober

        I'm not quite sure how to answer that. It's like asking what's the best place to eat in a mall food court. There will obviously be a best place, but you're still in a mall food court. Orlando is not really knows for upscale places, and the ones I've been to which claims such a description are stretching for it. Put it this way, if you put Victoria & Alberts were in Manhattan it would probably close within a year.

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          I take back what I said regarding the dearth of dining in Orlando. A friend just reminded me of Norman's which opened about a year ago (It's either at the Ritz or JW Marriott, I'm not sure). The restaurant is an offshoot of the original in Miami (actually Coral Gables) and although I've never been to the Orlando location, I've enjoyed many memorable meals in Miami. The look and feel of V&A is more upscale and old school(men in coats, etc.) whereas Normans is more new world. V&A is a dining experience I admit, but my expectations were extremely high.

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            Goober from Toronto

            Are you Shaq or Shaq's wife? :)

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              I wish I was either one of them.

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              Highly recommend Artist Point at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. We're New Yorkers and went there this week. Definitely would make it in Manhattan. Voted best restaurant at Disney by many. Didn't go to Victoria & Albert's, but the menu looked far less interesting than Artist Point. Recommend the salmon, as well as the cobbler & creme brulee desserts. Interesting dessert for kids as well (white chocolate puzzle with dessert sauces for paint and a paintbrush). Not too many kids there, but as with all restaurants at Disney, eat late if you want to be sure of a quiet dinner.

              If you've got little ones, believe it or not, the buffet food at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom was pretty good, but the atmosphere is quite loud. Pooh and friends visit the tables during dinner. Skip the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom. Lousy food, lousy service, maybe passable entertainment.

              1. re: Disney1

                Visited Artist Point on a previous trip and had a nice seat overlooking the "nature" area.

                I had the buffalo which was so-so. I think not so much the restaurant, but my personal taste. I believe we did have the creme brulee which was pretty good.