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Nov 28, 2004 07:00 PM

Southern Fried Chicken, Seafood Dining and Supermarkets in the Kissimmee/Disney Area

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Would love to hear from fellow Chowhounds on the following:

1) Good Southern fried chicken places (not KFC!) in tne Kissimmee/Disney/Orlando area.

2) Genuinely good seafood dining places in the same locale. ( hopefully not too commercialized and touristy )

3) Large supermarkets selling 'Quality' products. Which of the following fits the bill? Goodings, Publix or Winn Dixie? Which is the best for fresh seafood and gourmet products?

4) Lastly, are dining establishments inside The Mall at Millenia acceptable? Want to avoid over-price tourist traps!

Many Thanks!!!

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  1. As for the chicken, there are places in the Orlando area
    called Maryland Fried Chicken, whose chicken I like better
    than KFC and is closer to Southern-fried than KFC.

    1. The Dixie Chicken at Oak Ridge and Orange Ave. has the best fried chicken in Orlando.

      1. I'm not terribly familiar with Goodings; if it's the place just outside the Disney east entrance, it's average quality, insanely high prices by FL standards. Winn Dixie is average quality, average prices. Their signature item is their beef. In general Publix is the premium Florida grocery chain- great bakery and produce for a non-specialty grocery store. Their cheese selection also has some fun stuff if you hit it right and depending on local statute they'll do in-store wine tastings.