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Sep 9, 2004 12:34 PM

Must find Nazook in Eugene

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I'm a recent transplant from a more ethnically diverse region and have a craving for Nazook. Its a delish little Assyrian pastry. Any ideas?

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  1. Eugene is a little burg, and I wish I could say that you have a good chance of satisfying such desires here. Best advice is probably to search in Portland. But why not ask for advice at Cafe Soriah? The owner might have some ideas. . . .

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    1. re: Dan R.

      don't know about eugene, but Eurobake in Milwaukie, or has fabulous nazook. 503-652-0022

    2. Dear Megan,

      I just discovered this delicious little pastry in Lambs Thriftway in wilsonville. I found out later that there is a bakery in Salem called Eurobake where these come from It may not be in Eugene but if you are ever down this way you could probably pick it up. Also, if you type in Nazook, on Google search it will take you to a list that in many recipes. My husband loves this little pastry and has been looking for a recipe so we can make it more often for ourselves. Im elated !
      Good Luck

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        I find Eurobake products, including Nazook, in some Seattle area stores. One is an independent grocery that is trying to move upscale, the other is a pan-ethnic market (i.e. it has a SE Asian core, but also carries Latino and E. European products). Is there any store in Eugene with an E European orientation?

      2. I found Nazook in Winco Foods. Probably down there too. or in Albertsons.


        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just found Eurobake's nazook at Costco in Issaquah. You have to like them a lot though -- they come in a 2.5 lb package.