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Nov 24, 2004 10:03 AM

Victoria and Alberts in Orlando?

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Will be in Orlando for a seminar in January and a group of us made dinner reservations at Victoria and Alberts. Now, after having read several posts regarding recommendations in the area none of which mention Victoria and Alberts, I am having second thoughts about trying it instead of following one of the other restaurant rex in the area. Has anyone been to Victoria and Alberts? If so, should I continue looking forward to it; or should we make a dinner reservation elsewhere?

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  1. The "center" table at Norman's, for me, is far more desirable than Victoria and Albert's.

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    1. re: Joe H.

      Thanks for the input although you don't say why. I dined at Norman's in Orlando shortly after they first opened. While the setting was exquisite and the food quite good, the service was not up to par. When I mentioned this to "Mr. B.", Norman's partner, they were kind enough to comp me another tasting dinner with wines for two which I used at the Gables site. Because of the faulty service, I've been reluctant to return to Norman's in Orlando.

      1. re: zook

        I've only been once and it was excellent-but it was the setting with this particular table that put it over the top in combination with the food. Still, this is as much of a comment on my feeling that Orlando lacks serious high end restaurants that are truly outstanding and justify $150-250 per person. There are very good restaurants such as Norman's, Maison et Jardin and Del Frisco's but I am not big on Victoria and Albert. I also like Chatham's Place but this is a step below the three I mentioned with Seasons 52, Manuel's, California Grill, Enzo's and several others a notch lower. For me Orlando's best is not on par with Atlanta's, New York's, D. C.'s, San Francisco's, Vegas, etc. best. For this reason I consider the best overall the Orlando Norman's but it is NOT as good as the Coral Gables original.

    2. Let me weigh in with the opinion that V&A is among the city's best two or three restaurants.
      I concur this isn't Atlants or any other major food city -- but it has come a hell of a way in a decade and shows promise for getting much better.
      Both sets of your comments sum up my feelings about Norman's. I find the staff and, in general, the management condescending and no where near as capable as the Coral Gables restaurant.
      Norman is a grat chef and the food and setting in Orlando reflect that. It is also among the city's best two or three.
      But, IMHO, given the choice of one or the other -- go to V&A. Be assertive when you arrive and ask to meet chef Scott. In fact, tell him I encouraged you to choose his restaurant. Let them helop with the wines --their pairings are carefully selected to go with the menu items. Or,m live large and choose your own.
      I guarantee -- even without his attention -- you will walk away satisfied.
      He's getting ready to start his truffle menu for the winter season - ask about it.


      1. I've always enjoyed Victoria and Albert's, I don't go often (once a year) because I hate dressing up for the part. But the food, service and atmosphere have always been excellent, I would definitely recommend it over Normans. One small quirk about the restaurant, make sure you get one of the outer tables along the wall, the ones in the center have an accoustical anomally where conversations among other center tables are easily picked up.