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Nov 3, 2004 01:03 PM

Gelato in Florida

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Gelato is booming in Florida! I wanted to visit a few places in Florida. I already recognize the Miami market. I am looking for places throughout the state to go and visit b/c I am considering opening my own store. I want to see what other are doing and using.

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  1. Mazzarro's has gelato at their store on 22nd Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.


    1. There is a great gelato place, in Coconut Grove
      Bacio, 3462 Main Highway, 305-442-4233
      Really excellent quality...

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      1. re: Janie

        Also, there is Piu Bella on lincoln road which is the same as the place near me in NY, extremely mediocre gelato...and they must be paying a fortune for their space on lincoln road, in South Beach.

      2. so does pane rustica in tampa

        1. j
          Jennifer in Delray Beach

          There is Sonny's Gelato Cafe 2151 N. Federal Highway Boca Raton 561 362-0447.

          I have never eaten there, but it always looks busy.

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          1. re: Jennifer in Delray Beach

            I have been, and it is amazing..I grew up in New Jersey where you are either Jewish or Italian (must confess my last name is Goldberg), and there is no shortage of great Italian food and gelato. Sonny's is the best I have ever had, including trips to Italy. If you are looking to open a place, you must try Sonnys

          2. The original comment has been removed