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Gelato in Florida

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Gelato is booming in Florida! I wanted to visit a few places in Florida. I already recognize the Miami market. I am looking for places throughout the state to go and visit b/c I am considering opening my own store. I want to see what other are doing and using.

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  1. Mazzarro's has gelato at their store on 22nd Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.


    1. There is a great gelato place, in Coconut Grove
      Bacio, 3462 Main Highway, 305-442-4233
      Really excellent quality...

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        Also, there is Piu Bella on lincoln road which is the same as the place near me in NY, extremely mediocre gelato...and they must be paying a fortune for their space on lincoln road, in South Beach.

      2. so does pane rustica in tampa

        1. j
          Jennifer in Delray Beach

          There is Sonny's Gelato Cafe 2151 N. Federal Highway Boca Raton 561 362-0447.

          I have never eaten there, but it always looks busy.

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            I have been, and it is amazing..I grew up in New Jersey where you are either Jewish or Italian (must confess my last name is Goldberg), and there is no shortage of great Italian food and gelato. Sonny's is the best I have ever had, including trips to Italy. If you are looking to open a place, you must try Sonnys

          2. There's a gelato stand at the food court at International Plaza that has gotten a rave review from the St. Pete Times food critic. Can't say how authentic it is; the gelato at Pane Rustica in Tampa is excellent. Castellano and Pizzo in Tampa, at Henderson and Lois, also has gelato, same brand as Pane Rustica, I think.

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              That would be Gelateria Del Duomo. As to its supposed authenticity I can't say, but I think it's quite tasty.

              2223 N Westshore Blvd #B214
              Tampa FL 33607-7223

            2. Orlando has a gelato place in the "trendy" downtown area of Thornton Park on Summerlin Ave.

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                It's called GelatOne and it's on Summerlin between Central and Washington. Quite good. They import a lot of their ingredients from Italy, and my Italian friends have been suitably impressed.

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                  Il Gelatone is the bomb. They are at 8 N Summerlin Ave. Their semifreddo is simply amazing. The owners are fanatics about gelato. Highly, highly recommended.

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                    I agree! This place is highly recommended!

              2. There's Bacio at City Place in West Palm Beach.I thought their gelato was good.The place was clean but stark, they offered numerous flavors in open stainless steel pans.I know they have a couple of shops around the Palm Beach county area.Just a thought..

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                  I've been to Bacio many times since it is conveniently placed within a shopping district. The texture is good and the taste is not too sweet. It's alright for a first time gelato eater. But I am disappointed with the small number of flavors. For me, it's not the greatest gelato in the area..it doesn't have that very elastic texture I like so much in gelato. And it's very pricey. I actually found the fruit flavors to be more satisfying. I am looking forward to visit Sonny's and other new places in the area.

                2. b
                  Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  There's a place called Gelato Mania in Kendall Town and Country Mall in Miami. I'm not a gelato expert, but I love the stuff--more than sorbet, more than ice cream. I'd definitely choose gelato the overpriced and overhyped Cold Stone Creamery ice creams. Gelato Mania has about two dozen flavors in open steel pans, but I've only tried strawberry and coconut so far. Both terrific.

                  1. Sonny's Gelato cafe is right down the street from me and it is quite delicious. And, the best thing about it is that the family (Italian) uses skim milk. good to know since I never can decide on just one flavor and have them mix 2-3!!!!!!

                    Sima's is another good choice but the flavors are very limited, maybe 6 selections vs. 15-20 flavors at Sonny's.

                    1. GelatOne in Thornton Park in Orlando.

                      None better.

                      Afilliated with location in Italy and Poland.

                      None better.


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                        Finally tried it a couple months ago, Bob, and I loved it. Never had its equal. I took a date there, and she is now my girlfriend! (I'm not saying the gelato was the only reason for that, but it sure didn't hurt.) Strangely, she still prefers Marble Slab...

                      2. I have banned myself from Sonny's!!! It is sooo scrumptious that I eat it all in one sitting. Not so with ice cream. Linda

                        1. I live in Hollywood and the gelato here is Argentine, not Italian. It is much sweeter and I find it less creamy. I like Parmalat in the Dolphin Mall in Miami.

                          1. Downtown Gainesville has a great shop on SW 1st Avenue, next to Harry's Seafood. I think it's something easy like The Gelato Store.

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                              Close--it's the Gelato Company. This place has to have hurt dessert sales at restaurants downtown. We have taken to having our dessert there every time. My favorites are the sorbettos. They have some really interesting recipes--the best I've had was pineapple-basil. Go figure!

                            2. There is a gelato place in Key West called Flamingo Crossing. It is very very good and has one awards like "Best in the South" I believe. Its a Mom and Pop joint and they make some unusual flavors but its all homemade in the back of the shop.

                              1. Bacio in Coconut Grove and on the Beach are awful!! Not authentic at all. When I have a serious gelato craving I head to Perricone's in Brickell. They have the most authentic gelato I've tasted outside of Italy. The pistachio and cafe are among my favorites!

                                1. Sonny's in Boca Raton is fabulous! Good flavors, great consistency, and some outdoor seating. A good choice.

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                                    And.....Sonny's has an accordian player on Weds. nights....or is it Thursday???? So, you can lick to the beat!!!!!

                                  2. A new Gelato has opened in St. Petersurg. It is supposed to be the real thing. Paciugo is at 300 Beach Drive at the foot of Parkshore Plaza.

                                    1. I've been to Sonny's quite a few times-- and it's pretty good; but I've had better. Lately I've been frequenting Gelato Amore on Federal in Boca, it seems like their product is creamier than Sonny's. Also, I like to visit Whole Foods every now and then because they have some crazy flavors-- not all of them good!
                                      My favorite so far is Piu Bello in Deerfield; I've only been there once- but my dulce de leche gelato was superb, and the truffle gelato was fantastic! It seemed like there were more latin inspired flavors vs the same Italian ones I always order from other shops. Looking at the shameful reviews they received makes me want to visit them again though!

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                                        Where on Federal is Gelato Armore? I can't find the address.

                                        I love Sonny's because they have 2-3 sugar free flavors, which many places don't offer. Those are delicious and I'm afraid to try the ones with sugar! :O

                                        Does Piu Bello have any SF flavors?

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                                          Gelato Amore is on Federal just north of Jeffery St (which is one light north of Yamato) on the east side of the street. It's next door/adjoined to the Neighborhood Coffee Shop, same owner. They're both good (though I have had better gelato).

                                          I'm going to have to try Sonny's now for comparison.

                                      2. Gelatone in Orlando is o.k. but Sonny's in Boca is the best gelato I ever had. Tried both locations last week while on vacation after reading the posts. Can't wait to go back. Thanks for the recommendations.

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                                          The market at the Beach Club resort in Disney has gelato that's made fresh on site every morning, and it's pretty good.

                                          Heather W

                                        2. La Casa Dolce in SOHO Tampa is great! Tons of flavors. http://www.lacasadolcecafe.com
                                          Gelatos, paninis, wine, and other Italian desserts. A nice place to hang out. Free internet access and fun events.

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                                            I agree La Casa Dolce is a great spot and was the best I've had outside Italy. The sad news is they just closed their doors in SOHO. They did say they plan on opening another location sometime in the future, we'll see. I hope they do and this time make it a little further North, like in New Tampa or down by the university. Their wine and gelato tastings were good, but always real crowded.

                                          2. Sima's Place in Delray Beach (Federal Highwat and Linton Blvd)--amazing and the owner is very entertaining

                                            1. Gelato Amore! in Boca is the best. It is owned by Neighborhood Coffee and and Neighborhood Bar and Grill. It is located on Federal just north of Yamato Road. I have been to Sonny's in Boca and quite of few places here in Miami. Not only is the gelato the best, the presentation of it is amazing. Its eye candy itself. Worth checking out

                                              1. DCer here visiting Miami in a few weeks - can anyone share the miami area gelato places? Thanks!

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                                                  My favorite is Dolce Vita which has a few locations, the one I go to is on 71st Street at Normandy Circle (Miami Beach).

                                                  1. re: Frodnesor

                                                    I also like Roma Organic Gelato in Brickell

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                                                      If gelato is not mandatory, and a wonderful sorbet will also please, I'm sure many will agree that the Frieze on Miami Beach is extraordinarily delicious.

                                                2. Unfortunately, Il Gelatone in Orlando has closed.
                                                  To be replaced by a Fast Food chain (UGH!) but found great Gelato downtown at Daily Grind Coffee House at 807 North Orange Ave. Gelato there made locally by Trio Gelato of College Park, just a mile or so up the road. Maybe the best Gelato anywhere!!!

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                                                    What fast food chain replaced it?

                                                  2. Well there is no better way to get a non-scientific result with a tasting of gelato's from the to referred to in Boca Raton, Paciugo and the Gelato Shoppe.

                                                    The "litmus paper" as I think it was referred to in high school was the vanilla flavor from both locations. We also picked up the coffee from Paciugo and Pistachio from the Shoppe. There were 5 of us involved in the tasting. The favorite was: Drum Roll!

                                                    The Gelato Shoppe. A few commented on the actual visual of vanilla bean in the gelato and had a punch of flavor. The vanilla from Paciugo was just that, vanilla. The pistachio flavor was interesting as it was a caramel color versus the typical green appearance of most pistachio concoctions! It had a great taste as well and had the textures of the nut throughout. Coffee from Paciugo was okay.

                                                    Price? For 3 different flavors (doubled up on vanilla and got coffee) in their small container from Paciugo was 9.99. From the Shoppe, it was 10.00 per pint. A little pricey. Now does price dictate quality, in this case it did. Though I will say Paciugo had the crowds in their shop and the benefit of multiple locations including the one in Brickell Village. At the Gelato Shoppe we were the only ones in the shop. So with that being said, I would definitely go to the Gelato Shoppe if in Boca before Paciugo, the next comparison will be who to patronage in Miami, Dolce Vita or Paciugo.

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                                                      Funny, I'm patronizing Roma Organic Gelato - the pistachio, stracciatella, and gianduia combination is a perfect mix for me (large - 3 scoops, $6). Plus it's more guilt-free, made by a true Italian, and not a chain from elsewhere like Paciugo (from Dallas).

                                                      Roma is only a block away from Paciugo, and I see more foot-traffic at Roma.

                                                    2. I'm casting my vote for The Gelato Shoppe on Glades Rd. near the turnpike.

                                                      I've tried Paciugo and Sonny's and they were both good, but I completely flipped out over Gelato Shoppe. I tried their pistachio and the chocolate/hazelnut flavor with whole hazelnuts in it. Both were amazing! I probably won't ever go back to the other ones.

                                                      1. I like Mucci's Gelato (7951 Bird Rd Ste 103, Miami, FL 33155, 305-261-4417). Their sandwiches are good also.

                                                        1. Swirls on Race Track road makes awesome gelato on site. They have some cool flavors, like Bacon Chocolate and Lemon Meringue Pie !!! They also distribute the equipment that makes the gelato. Swirlsgelato.com