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Any Bubble Tea Updates?

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Hi !!!
I found this site from doing a google search, for bubble tea places. I just recently moved to the Fort Lauderdale area from Gainesville. I have been craving bubble tea, but I have not found a good place. I have seen the old posts, so I was wondering if I could have some updated info. I would be so happy if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks !

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  1. I also found this doing google research for boba tea in S florida. I am in the Homestead area, but drive to SW Miami all the time. If there is any news of locations to purchase bubble tea in Miami please post! We're thirsty here, after all: the summer continues for another month or two in Miami.

    Link: http://moore.no-ip.org:8080/janessa/F...

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      The only place in MIA that I've had bubble tea is at LAN, a Japanese-Thai-Chinese-(insert other Asian countries here) place. The selection is decent and you could probably order one to go if you wanted. The restaurant is on the bottom floor of Dadeland Station, a little north of the corner of SW 88th St (Kendall Drive) and US1 so you can buy your tea and run your errands at Target and Sports Authority in one shot.

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        Any Bubble Tea Places in Jax Florida????

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        I am opening up a Banh Mi and boba tea shop called Yum-Mi and will be offering 3 different types of banh mi to choose from. Our bubble tea is from Hawaii with fresh fruit toppings. My grand opening will be October 3, 2010. Its located at the NEW Yellow Green Farmer's Market on Taft and I95. Please check out our facebook for more info at www.facebook.com/yummitaii. We look forward to feeding your thurst!

        Farmer's Market Restaurant
        300 N Krome Ave, Florida City, FL 33034

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        s.m. koppelman

        I don't have any new info. As far as I know, it's still limited to (1) the Vietnamese restaurants along 441 in north central Broward (Saigon City and Pho Hoa in particular) and (2) in Pembroke Pines at Pepper's, Bamboo Garden III and a kiosk in the nearby mall.

        The best I've had at any of these places was a sago pearl version of Thai iced tea at Saigon City. They have a very small selection, just that (as a milk tea on ice) and two flavors of slush-style bubble drinks. But at all of the other places I've tried I've always ended up with things involving a lot of crushed ice, which isn't my taste in the stuff.

        1. Bubble tea on the Beach. Miss Yip's. Hip Cantonese style cuisine, in a modern setting.

          Yes, they have the tea too.

          1. Hi,
            I just moved to Florida from Toronto. I live in Naples and I cant seem to find a bubble tea retailer. Does anyone know of any possible places? thanks.

            1. YESS!! I found a place. I went there today. Pretty good...I reccomend! Im from NY so I've had excellent bubble tea and know what it should taste like. Its no chinatown tea but definitely yummy enough to satisfy the cravings =)
              Tan's Asian Cafe
              2743 Capital Cir NE
              Tallahassee, FL 32308
              (850) 523-4282

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                There's also one about to open in North Miami Beach, supposed to be really good: Bubbles 'n Ice www.bubblesnice.com http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shorto...
                I think it opens next week, it'll definitely be worth trying!

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                  After looking at the website, I went by Bubbles n' Ice today to find it not open (as of 2/20/10), which is a little annoying given that the website gives every indication to the contrary. I'm sure opening anything in Miami is a challenge, but putting a "coming soon" on the website would be appreciated.

                  Stopped in at Shing Wang (shingwangrestaurant.com; 305-654-4008) when I headed back toward 95 and was pleasantly surprised. Given the take out menu, bubble tea is clearly a focus of this very small strip mall veggie-Chinese restaurant. Shared a $5 passion fruit and was very satisfied (though I wonder why the menu lists a $4.25 price for a large).

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                    Since this post migrated to the top, I'll update by saying that Bubbles n' Ice has a personable proprietor, ample PR and shiny hygenic interior, but the product does not dethrone Shing Wang, which is still worth a diversion.

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                    went to bubblesnice the other day, i was dissapointed. the only good thing i had there was the italian ice, my friends got the bubble teas, no flavor at all but it was cute inside

                2. I live in Plantation and one place I know that serves bubble tea is I think it's called King's Palace on University and Sunset Strip.

                  1. Try Five Spice in Boca Raton on the south side of Yamato Road about a mile west of I-95.

                    1. Hi! I am currently seven months pregnant and CRAVING Bubble Tea. I haven't been able to find any here in West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area. Is there any place that serves it? I will travel all the way down to Fort Lauderdale if need be. Thanks so much

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                        Vietnamese Express Cafe in North Palm Beach has a few select fruit flavors of bubble tea. The food is very good and inexpensive. Summer rolls and bun entrees are rockin' good. Call them and ask what flavors they have.


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                          Just a little south of Ft. Lauderdale in Hollywood, there is a small shop by the name of Tapioca (located in a plaza on the corner of Hollywood blvd and 441). Although the owner is Filipino, she makes, amongst other things, delicious boba tea. She actually makes the tapioca daily. I had the thai tea yesterday and it appeared to me while making it that she did not use any pre-made syrup, etc.. at all.

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                            Lollicup in the Wellington Regional Mall (Forest Hill Blvd & 441) is a franchise unit located at the mall entrance by Macy's accross from a hair salon. They serve nothing but boba (bubble) tea in so many flavors that it's hard to decide! Hope you satisfy your craving!

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                              I know what you mean! When i was pregnant with my daughter all i wanted was bubble tea!!!! But there was never a good one and i always left disappointed. I just recently found a place in the YG farmer's market in hollywood thats extremely good! They only have 3 flavors but their all good! Me and my daughter are both addicted to the Taro with Aloe Vera jelly and my husband loves the mango.

                            2. Not Miami area, but PHO CALI in Sarasota serves a good volume of Bubble Teas, many flavors. Also, this is a great Vietnamese noodle shop. Pho, bun, hot noodle main courses etc. Grilled quail appetizer, along with summer rolls and seared dumplings also very good.

                              1. If it's what I think it is, Teavana -- the tea store/bar has it. There's one at the Galleria Mall and one in Sawgrass Mills.

                                12801 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323

                                1. Bubble Tea on 163rd Street, N. Miami Area.

                                  Shing Wang Restaurant , 237 Northeast 167th Street, Miami, FL 33162-2302, (305) 654-4008 - vegetarian restaurant, good tea

                                  Little Saigon Vietnamese, 16752 North Miami Avenue, North Miami Bch - (305) 653-3377
                                  - Excellent little hole in the wall, one of my favorites restaurants. They have good bubble tea, I highly reccomend the vietnamese coffee, soup #33, Oxtail soup, and All of the appitizers

                                  Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant
                                  16752 N Miami Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33169

                                  1. Bubbles 'n ice is open.
                                    3061 NE 163rd St. North Miami Beach.
                                    Over 40 flavors of Bubble Tea
                                    (305) 940 5001

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                                      Wow! Bubble tea in NMB. Can't wait to try it. Enjoyed bubbles in NYC, Chicago, SF and Toronto.