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Sep 18, 2004 11:27 AM

Hard to Find REAL Asian food in Brevard County

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Looking for the following items in central Florida:

(Willing to travel up to 1.5 hours from Titusville)

A real asian grocery store. Looking for real lumpia wraps. Sushi wraps, seasoned or unseasoned.

Looking for bakery that carries Goldilocks brand (filipino baked goods), or equivalent.

Looking for thai dipping sauces for lumpia.

Looking for ANY store that can possibly provide items in this category.

Doesn't anyone know what tempura sauce is at Walmart? At least they carry Kikkoman soy sauce!!!

It is REAL SAD that these stores are rare to find. I can't find these good foods offered authentically in any restuarant/store, so I must make my own!

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  1. You should get copies of the Melbourne Yellowpages, the Orlando Yellowpages, and the Daytona Yellowpages, or visit the library, since the Titusville Yellowpages will not list many places a mere 30-45 minutes away. You could also search Bellsouth online under "Grocers" and "Oriental Goods", but it can be frustrating and incomplete.

    Since you are willing to drive so far: if you are only looking for dry goods, shopping on the Internet is also viable, but not nearly as fun.


    ? - Cypress Blvd, a block west of US 1, and 50 feet north of Eau Gallie Blvd. Korean grocer with fresh veggies and some Japanese items.

    Asian American Market / Amerasian Cafe & Market - 6165 Babcock St, Palm Bay SE, a block south of Malabar Rd, on the east side. M-Th 10-8 F-Su 10-9. 723-5599. Filipino grocer with variety of Asian items for sale. Food is good, prices are great. People are fun. There are three tables and a bar to one side of the store, and I think it is karaoke night every night! Nightly specials: Mon: Dinoguan / Fried Galongong; Tues: Menudo, Eskabeche'n Isda; Wed: Chicken Apritada / Fried Bangus; Thur: Chicken or Pork Adobo; Fri: Pancit, Okoy; Sat: Roast Pork / Litson; Sun: Cuban Night with Chicken or Beef Stew, Pork Chops, Plantains, etc. Menu also has Grilled Chicken, Fajitas, Salmon, Catfish, Nasi Goreng, Teriyaki Chicken, Stir-Fry Veggies, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteak, Lumpias, Siapao, and Halo Halo.

    Asian Grocery - 3280 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, 722-5000. Vietnamese grocer.

    Kim's Market - 910 Pinetree Dr, a mile north of Eau Gallie Blvd, north side of Pinetree at A1A, Indian Harbor Beach, 779-2414. Korean grocer.

    Kyung Sung Oriental Market - 690 N Wickham Rd, south of Sarno Rd, west side of road, West Melbourne, 751-9997.

    Oriental Food Mart - 710 S Patrick Dr, Satellite Beach. 773-7550. Call to see what they sell.

    Oriental Imports & Grocer - 8010 N Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral 32920. 799-9381. Filipino grocer just south of the port. Uses to get a good idea of the location, as it is not on A1A.

    Pen's Thai Grocery - 1985 N Harbor City Blvd (US 1), just north of Aurora Rd, on the east side of US 1 in Melbourne. 259-3151.

    Sue's Oriental Market -635 S Apollo Blvd, 100 feet east of Babcock, on the north side of the road. 725-8688. New owners of Chinese grocery are Thai, and are stocking some Thai products.

    Tokyo Food Market - closed.

    South Brevard also has a few Latin, Indian, and Middle Eastern grocers each.


    There are plenty of grocers, especially around Colonial Drive and Mills. I always start with Dong-A Co at 816 Mills Rd, 898-9227, since they have a massive selection of fresh, frozen, and packaged goods. I had to buy a large ice chest since it is more than an hour away. They are 30 minutes from you.

    Lilia's Philippine Delights - 3150 S. Orange Ave (S of E-W Epressway). 851-9087. M-Sa 10:30-8:30. Probably only a restaurant, but you could call them for grocer locations.


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      Wow....this is a lot to consider for Brevard County! That restuarant in Palm Bay (with karaoke) sounds good, thank you!

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        thank you for information about food markets .

        1. Marc has made several excellent suggestions here in the south county.

          This is also a pretty fair web site for Brevard dining.

          You might call and ask about their suppliers.



          1. There is an Asian Grocery Store off of 192 going east its in the plaza were that gambling shop is. I think its called Lucky 777...