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Sep 12, 2004 02:05 PM

Looking 4 Lo carb & sugar free breads,cakes & cookies-Boca to Ft. Laud

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Looking for low carb & sugar free breads, cakes & cookies- No comm'l stuff-- real bakery stuff- anywhere from Ft. Laud area to Boca.

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  1. Amazing that low carb is still with us. Good luck finding such a place. In this area (near NYC/Philly), the best bet to get low carb stuff is to get a sugar free pie from a diner or bakery (still has a lot of carbs from the crust but no sugar). There are some products from Dixie Diner that are easy to make at home and good (but a few are nasty). The almond cream cake in particular would be a good base for a strawberry shortcake.

    Of course one of the luxuries of low carb is that you can cheat for one meal and not suffer because of it, since it you're doing it right you can't process carbs temporarily.

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      If anyone still wants this stuff, Penn-Dutch has a 'real' bakery in their store and their cakes and bread are pretty darned good (and they make a whole bunch of sugar-free stuff...) (their meat is also good and cheap.)

    2. Sugar-free yes, lo-carb no. I can't say I've ever seen cakes or bakery-style cookies done without grain flour. Soy flour will only get you so far, eliminate flour entirely and you can get a really flat, airless cookie, but I think that's about it.

      The Family Bakery, an old-school Jewish bakery in Sunrise, has a pretty good selection of sugar-free products, since a substantial number of their customers are diabetic. However, like virtually all sugar-free baked goods except maybe those commercial sugar-free meringues, it's not remotely low-calorie or low-carb.

      When someone figures out how to make protein powder and maltitiol rise, give me a call.

      I've had pretty good success doing my own baking cake-y things with sucralose (Splenda). I tend to double the baking soda and add some baking powder, and pretty much triple it if I substitute a combo of whole wheat and soy flour for white. No nutritionist would call the result low-carb, however.

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