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Aug 28, 2004 12:20 PM

Places to eat on St. George Island or Apalachicola

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We're headed to St. George at the end of September, and it's been a couple of years since we were there. The last time we were down there there was not what I considered a decent restaurant on the island---and breakfast? Forget it! I know there's a fair turnover in eating establishments, so I'm wondering---has anybody been down there recently? Where should we eat?

I know of a few good places in Apalachicola: The Boss Oyster, The Gibson Inn (for breakfast), The Grill, and I've heard good things about Chef Eddie's Magnolia Grill, and Tamara's Cafe Floridita.


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  1. We live nearby so we eat over there quite often. You haven't mentioned our favorite, the owl cafe in apalachicola. Very good. Tamara's is particularly fun on Wed. nights when they have tapas night. Caroline's on the river (sister restaurant to Boss Oyster and just steps away from the Boss) can be quite good. We haven't eaten out on the Island in a long time and I am not knowledgeable about it.

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      Chez Eddie's is spectacular. I ate there last year, and it was the best meal I have had since coming to the States 14 years ago.