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Aug 15, 2004 02:03 PM

Beef co-op or sides of beef sales

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Anyone know of a good source of quality beef by the side or quarter near the Tampa area. Being from Alaska, we often got together bought an entire animal for some great beef at a very reasonalbe price for the entire winter. Thanks for any information.


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  1. j
    Jennifer in Delray Beach

    I am not from Tampa so maybe someone from Tampa might have better suggestions, but the only place in Florida that I know where you can get a side of beef/pork or an entire animal is the UF meats lab. They are located in Gainesville, which is a bit of a drive from Tampa, and they are only open on Fridays. You would need to call ahead to place that large an order to make sure it's ready. I put their web address below. I used to go there as a college student for cheap meat, hamburger $1/lb - couldn't beat that!

    However if that won't work you might check with local butchershops, wholesale clubs, and food distributers. I am not aware of any slaughterhouses in Florida other than the small one at UF and most meat comes already cut and boxed to retailers. And while there are a lot of cattle in Florida most of our calves are shipped north and west to feedlots before processing.