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Jul 28, 2004 02:10 PM

Kebab Cafe - Delray Beach

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I've avoided this place - maybe because of the stripmall location (a couple doors down from Regal Cinema), maybe because of the silly name. Regardless, we visited last week, and I discovered that I've been missing out.

Although the name suggests that kebabs are the specialties (and they do have several, all quite good), the true strength of the restaurant is its appetizers. They have a wide mezza selection. The tabbouleh is the way I like it - the fresh greens are the focus, holding together perfectly cooked grains. The garlic yogurt has real bite, but the rich (I'm pretty sure they're using full fat) yogurt cuts the garlic perfectly. The babaganoush is slightly smoky, but not overpowering. The spicing was perfect - done with a hand that isn't afraid of flavor but knows how to not overpower food.
My one real disappointment was the spinach pie, which was overcooked. The filling, however, was flavorful.

This is my new Middle Eastern joint in the area. The focus seems to be Turkish, but they do have dishes from other parts of the region.

The staff was very friendly, and seemed to genuinely like our child (who's well behaved). I hate it when servers seem to be complimenting the kids to suck up to you - but that's another story.

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    s.m. koppelman

    They came up a few weeks ago here when I found them in a directory of Armenian businesses. Did the menu mention Turkey? You may want to ask about the nationality of the food before saying the T-word aloud. :)

    Some years ago I was in a Greek-Cypriot place in a Greek neighborhood and the guy at the grill asked me where I'd had doner kebab before.. When I said I'd had it in a Turkish neighborhood in Berlin, boy did I get an earful.

    1. The Kebab Mediterranean Grill is phenomenal. It is better than anything I had in Turkey. The beyti (spicy lamb) is a favorite. Once again, the strip mall has the best food in town.

      1. does someone have the tel # pls. Also anyone know if they would do take out?

        1. I had lunch there yesterday. Kebab pita with rice, it was excellent. I will be going back soon. The phone number is 561-276-5582 and they do takeout.