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Jul 21, 2004 09:17 AM

Royal India, Griffin Road in Dania/Hollywood

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Has anyone ever eaten there? I read several positive reader reviews on the site and tried it on Sunday with a fried (who is from India). It was AWFUL! I am a vegetarian, but my friend said he would never touch any of the meat dishes again because they were so bad. The lettuce (for "salad") was brown and wilted. The potato dish (nothing but potatoes and sauce) was made from canned potatoes. The service was nearly nonexistent. How disappointing. Anyone else have suggestions for good Indian food in Broward?

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  1. Went here with a Trini friend recently and we loved it.
    Madras Cafe
    1434 South Powerline Road at McNab
    Pompano Beach, FL 33069
    Telephone: 954-977-5434

    1. House of India. Period!
      This food is real "home cooked" Indian food. :)

      Great price too.

      P.S. Royal India has some amazing Kashmiri just have to get the right dishes...and who wants to eat meat anyways.

      1. The kashmiri Naan is the best EVER, and the indian food for those of us who can't handle the HOT spices is great. Whenver we are in town, and we are vegan, this is our spot! My family, meat-eaters, love it too, never a complaint, mom only eats kosher so she has whatever i have. Her friend is big on HOT spices, so she complained it wasn't spicy enough.

        The Aloo Mattar is my favorite! And the samosas!

        The salad is not so good, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and dressing, so I would pass on that. But I never had good salad at an indian restaurant, and I've tried them all over the country.

        1. Funnily enough I went yesterday and my experience was quite similar to the OP, so this place is amazingly consistently bad. Imagine being able to maintain such a low standard for five years! The potato dish you referenced seemed an awful like the one I saw. The chutneys were not - not chutneys, not edible. The naan was OK. The salad was fresh. The vegetable curry seemed to consist of frozen green beans, the odd potato, and a lone carrot. The dishes weren't spiced in any way remotely Indian. The waitress was a grim version of Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle series, and she'd appear at the table at irregular intervals and and blurt out, "I take plates now," or "you vant anytink."