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Jul 19, 2004 09:14 PM

Good Chinese around DisneyWorld

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We will be heading to Disney World in early August. Trying to find a good Chinese restaurant around the area . We will be coming from San francisco where decent chinese is always within walking distance. Thanks alot!

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  1. From SF and looking for good Chinese food ?
    Frankly,You will be disappoint.
    Because you already know good Chinese food at China town SF.
    I used to be lived NY and went to China town at least once a week.
    I moved Florida 10 years ago and so disappointed.
    I couldn't find good Chinese food like NY, SF.
    I had worst Chiense food many place around here.
    In "Disney Epcot" has Chinese pavilion and served Chinese food but, forget it !! Not even close.
    Outside of Disney property,one place called
    "Ming court" at International Drive close to Orlando Convention Center. About 15 minutes from Disney.
    They are served traditional DIM SUM everyday and
    orthodox Chinese food. I haven't been there for long time so, still good or not I have no idea.
    but, I only know this place around Disney.
    If you interesting about Japanese food.
    Also at International Drive place called
    "Hana mizuki" best traditional Japanese food ( Not Steak house type ) Owner chef from NYC had over 40 years experienced.
    Epcot has alot of choice.Try something different. You can get best Chinese in your town anytime.
    Epcot also has Mexico,Canada,Italy,France,Morocco,
    My favorite place is French bakery and German buffet. Sweden used to be had good buffet but no longer serve it. Anyway, when you see Mickey & Minnie say "Hi" to me.

    1. Ming Court on International Drive would be my only recommendation. It is good enough, but would not compare to San Francisco places.

      When you live in a sea of wonderful Chinese food why would you want it at Disney World, of all places? Lots of interesting restaurants that have other cuisines that might not be as available in SF.

      The Moroccan restaurant at Epcot is pretty good, Akerhaus (Scandanavian) is also different from your typical California restaurant. You could go for atlantic fish, available at several of the hotel restaurants. I think the Mexican restaurant at Epcot is miserable and the Italian restaurant is worth of an Olive Garden. Nice atmosphere at both, however, if you are deaf to the noises of little ones.

      I love Jiko, the South African restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Nothing like that most places and great South African wines available virtually no where else.

      I'm sure you'll get other recommendations, if not here, try Dis boards or Fodors.


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        Jiko and Boma are both Kenyan resturants. Jiko meaning charcoal burner, and boma meaning hut.

        1. re: Uno

          Sorry, can't agree. That's like saying Olive Garden is Neopolitan.
          Both restaurants, especialy Jiko, use various regional influences in different dishes.


      2. We found a small place on 192 West. It's located in the Gooding's Plaza. If you are leaving World Drive towards 192 - head West, as if going towards Orange Lake. It's in a big shopping area where there is an Outback, Carrabas' Grill, Giordano's pizza, etc. You have to look for it - it's not a stand alone building like the ones mentioned above, it's part of the complex where the supermarket is and other stores. I think it is just called the Oriental Restaurant. (I'm probably wrong on the name, but it's very good). Nice, clean and open till 11:00 pm! Don't go to the one across the street, I think it's called something like China Buffet - gross!!!

        1. There's a good Chinese restaurant called China Pearl on Irlo Bronson highway (192 East) about ten miles east of the Highway 192 Disney entrance. They have gai lan and other hard-to-find dishes.

          By the way, the worst Chinese food I ever had was at a beautiful restaurant on El Camino Real in South San Francisco, near the airport. The tofu smelled bad, tasted awful,and the broccoli was old.