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Jul 8, 2004 09:26 AM

Grocers in/near Orlando

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Is there any place in/near Orlando (especially NW around the Winter Park, Altamonte Springs & Oviedo areas) that sells Italian/German/French/European import products like imported espresso coffee and sausage/hams, etc.?

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  1. Try Petty's on 434 just west of I-4.

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      try the german restaurant in sanford fl called the willowtree cafe they sell all kinds of german sausages and some bread. Yahala Bakery near Howey in the Hills (great roadtrip) has a super selection of fresh baked european bakery products and some deli items. Brecht Meats in Lake Helen neart Deland is a German Butcher shop.

    2. SWe also have a couple of Fresh Markets, one in the Dr. Phillips area (south) and the other in Longwood (north) There's a Whole Foods (also a chain) in Winter Park that specialized in organic foods and an International Market of South Orange Ave. near Pinecastle.
      I would also dcommend to you the boyus at 903 S. Mills. The story I wrote recently is as good as any other reference.
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        keiththa thacker

        I`m looking for a grocery store near Davenport FL. that sells high quality organic foods. Can you give me some listings?

        Thank you

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          I suggest Keiththa thacker repost their request because no one reading the OP headline will relate to the Davenport area.

          Probably World Market at SOBT and Sand Lake or the other one -- forget name -- on L.B. McCloud would still be the closest to Davenport.

          Orlando Sentinel does an annual ethinc grocery list -- you might search that one for other information.


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            Try this website. You type in your zip code and it lists nearby purveyors.

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              The organic place in Kissimmee.

              Also here''s places I found via google
              Pinecrest Organics - Winter haven

          2. If you are looking for Polish then try Europol Polish Deli (407-678-0909) in Winter Park. It is in the shopping center at the SW corner of Semoron and Aloma.

            You also might want to take a look at the link below.


            1. I'd try Antonios in Maitland....