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May 12, 2004 10:32 AM

Sushi in Tampa Bay

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Well, Sushi is probably my all time favourite food. In tampa though, great sushi and sashimi, with a variety of choices is hard to find.
Went to the rack last nite for some sushi. Though they have a limited menu choice, they prepared some real decent sushi. The spicy salmon makisushi stood out. Yellow tail sashimi was also commendable. Blue Gardenia (nigrisushi) was named after the Blue Gardenia resturant where the sushi chef comes from. It was decent. The shrimp tempura could have been much better.
Any other sushi places that are recommendable? We actually were meant to be going to Samurai Blue but found it convinient to go to the rack instead.

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  1. Try  Koba's Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar (813) 258-3326
    2402 S. MacDill Ave.

    It's more like a neighborhood restaurant than a trendy spot. also, joto's on dale mabry, a few blocks south of kennnedy blvd.; haven't been in a while but it's been there for years. with all the new competition, it's amazing it's still there. also, check for a pretty thorough list of tampa bay area restaurants...

    1. Koba's rocks...try the mahi mahi roll with tempura chips, eel and spicy sauces...yum!

      1. If trendy sushi is what you want, this place isn't for you. But if you're willing to take a little drive, and want AWESOME sushi, Kazu's is the place. It's in New Port Richey off 19 (next to Target), and is a hole in the wall, barely air conditioned joint with so-so service. But Kazu, the head sushi chef, is the real deal. He has retired here in FL, but has been the personal chef to many VIP's around the world. The decor and drive may not be perfect, but you will not be disappointed with the food.

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          I live in New Port Richey, close to Kazu's. Me and my husband go there often. It does have awsome sushi and yes, the service could use some tweeking. All in all it is a good hole in the wall place. Which for me is great, No long lines and friendly service. We also love watching the japanese tv station he always has on. Try the eel, it's umm,umm, good.

        2. Sushi Ren on Tampa road- endearing ambiance, excellent selection, and of course- great sushi! Volcano roll is really delicious as well as the rainbow roll and the spicy tuna has quite a kick! YUM! Its between McMullen Booth and US 19 on Tampa Road (Hillsborough) in a little plaza on the south side of the road just before the Circle K- sign simply says Japenese Restaraunt. PS- don't have holes in your sockls, lol!

          1. Kiku on Clearwater Beach. I was pleased to see that this fave venue of ours made Chris Sherman's Top 100 list of Tampa area restaurants.