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May 11, 2004 01:15 AM

Restaurants in West Palm/Royal Palm

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I'll be in the West Palm Beach/Royal Palm area for a few days, and would like to take my mama out to a couple of nice restaurants. She's real picky about food -- won't eat any ethnic food except Chinese. Likes seafood, ordinary "American" food (steak, chicken, etc.), Italian. But nothing fancy -- no truffle oil pizza or anything exotic like that, nothing highly seasoned, nothing even remotely spicy. Refuses even to taste barbecue.

She loves Red Lobster, Shell's, and Outback, and I would like to find something better.

Any suggestions? We'd prefer to stay in the WPB area, but would drive a few miles if necessary.

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  1. You could take her to CityPlace in downtown WPB, which sports both a Cheesecake Factory and a Legal Seafoods. Those are tried and true choices for dealing w/my set of older relatives. They don't care much for surprises but they seem to like the well-scrubbed Disney-esque ambience of CityPlace.

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      Perfect!! I've never been to CityPlace, and didn't know those restaurants were there. I've taken her to Legal and Cheesecake in the DC area (haven't I seen you on the DC/Balmer message board?) and she does like both.

      And yeah, she falls into the group that doesn't care much for surprises, so both choices will be safe.

      Thanks for the excellent suggestion.

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        I have dual citizenship (SoFL/US).

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          Have you ever found a decent Chinese restaurant (or even a carryout) in the WPB/Royal Palm area? My mom is not picky about Chinese food (as long as it ain't spicy). She'll even eat at those Chinese fast-food places in the malls!

          I was hoping to find something better than the mall places. There used to be an adequate Chinese restaurant near her home, but it closed several years ago. Not sure why -- it was always busy when we went there.

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            There is a pretty good Chinese place called Singing Bamboo just south of Community Drive on Military Trail, which is about 1/2 mile north of Okeechobee. I don't know why, but good Chinese is rare in the West Palm area. There are a few Thai places around that are quite good, especially the seafood dishes. One is Thai Thani on Military north of Summit and the other is Wattana Thai on Dixie just south of Forest Hill. Thai Lotus at Forest Hill and Congress is also pretty good and they have cocktails if you are so inclined. I don't think any of these would give Mom culture shock and they have many dishes that are delicious but not especially spicy. Enjoy.

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              Thanks for all of your great suggestions. I took my mom to Singing Bamboo the first night I was in West Palm, and it was a hit. She liked the restaurant, the service was great, and she loved the food (shrimp the size of Buicks!). Next trip, I might try to broaden her horizons and trick her into eating at a Thai place.

              The second night we went to Legal Seafood at CityPlace, and she loved that, too. Even had dessert (profiteroles), which is unusual since she eats like a bird.

              And the third night we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Another big hit! I even got her to eat one of their goi cuon -- I was surprised she was even willing to taste it! Maybe in the future I can convince her to try some real Vietnamese food.

              She loved the whole "ambience" of CityPlace (she had not been there in many, many years). We walked around for a while before dinner, and when she got tired, we sat in the big soft chairs at Barnes & Noble and read until she felt rejuvenated.

              Thanks again for the great recommendations. Although I would have liked to try some of the local ethnic restaurants, there was no question of getting my mom to do that!

              It's difficult to please her, but those three restaurants did the trick. And she's probably still eating the leftovers!

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                singing bamboo is a must glad the experience went well